Sunday, July 25, 2010

We're All Done Adopting...Yea, Right!!!

I thought we were finally through...have been bragging about having completed our family and doing the happy dance over it all. I should have known when I blogged earlier this week about life being calm and settled that I was going to jinx myself. I should have known to leave well enough alone, but OHHHHHH NOOOOOOO...not Cindy!! Hahaha!

Today we were going about happily minding our own business, on our way out of town for a picnic afternoon in the mountains. We were going to check out some possible camping spots and maybe ride the gondola in Telluride at night and see the lights for the first time. On the way out of town we had to pass Walmart and Dominick wanted to stop and pick up the reading glasses he had ordered. I drop him off at the front door, then drive around waiting for him to come out.

That was mistake number one.

Out near the entrance to the parking lot, in the shade of a small tree, sat a woman with a little metal corral set up. Inside it were 3 little white puppies. I drove around the lot 3 times waiting for Dominick. He took too long.

That was mistake number two.

I phoned him on his cell saying I was going to stop and check out these cute puppies and to let me know when he was done. He laughs and pretends he can't hear me. I tell him to call me when he had checked out. Then we all pull over, pile out of the van, and walk over to see the cutest puppies ever. As we got closer I realized these might be one of the breeds that is supposed to be good for highly allergic folk like myself. Being the curious sort, I ask if I can pick one up and hold it for a bit, just as an experiment, don't ya know.

That was mistake number three. Three strikes and you're out.

And we are now the ecstatic new parents to a brand new 9 month old of the first animals I have been able to hold in years and years and not immediately start sneezing and experiencing a full on asthma attack in 5 minutes. She is a Bichon Frise of some sort, which I had to look up to see how to spell! After much pleading and snuggling with Dominick, the kids won him over. Actually, it was seeing me there with the dog nestled in my arms and not struggling to breath that likely really won him over, but I digress. For all the tough guy exterior, let's just say that Dominick's daughters already have him figured out to be the teddy bear he really is. The pathetic wheedling of his sons didn't hurt any either.

So we never made it to the mountains, and instead all trooped into Walmart for supplies...while the puppy puked all down the front of Dominick's shirt. He handled it like an old pro, showing the same finesse he showed with Joshua and Matthew when they were babies. No big deal, wipe away and move on.

So without further delay,let me introduce to you our latest addition, Heeeeeeerrrrrreeee'sss Sunny LaJoy!

She is now laying semi-quietly in her crate on the floor of the boys' room, all of them spread out on the floor around her crate to keep her company, and the girls lay claim to her tomorrow night. I had to crack up when Olesya said to me in all seriousness, "Mama pick good kids AND good dog!". We can already tell she will be the perfect dog for us. The fact that I won't hit my asthma inhaler around her every 5 minutes was a big plus, of course, but she is a very gentle little soul, not at all rambunctious for a puppy, very quiet and calm and seems attuned to listening. Already Olesya is trying to teach her tricks. And Kenny just might get over his lifelong fear of dogs. Even with this little one at first he was scared to death to hold her. We made progress just today on that , as you can see from the photos.

We have wanted a pet for a very long time but couldn't find one we liked that I could be compatible with. Sorry, there is nothing appealing to me about reptiles, although the benefit of them not having fur was certainly there. Once the girls came home and we saw their love of animals and deep desire to be the caretaker for one, we knew we needed to do something. Olesya has professed all along that she wants a career working with animals, so we are giving her the opportunity to prove herself and learn how to train a dog. They are all so conscientious we are not at all concerned about getting stuck with taking care of her, even after the new wears off. While we might have to give a quick reminder here or there, we are 100% certain there will be no argument and they will do a bang up job being new mommies and daddies to their baby. Actually, it is the responsibility factor that was the only reason I could allow myself to see us bringing in a puppy right now. I am grateful to know before we do it that I will not be the only one feeding it and taking care of messes. If I wasn't totally confident in that, then we would never tackle this...but all 5 kids have certainly proven themselves to be trustworthy in that regard and I believe in them when they say they will handle 90% of her care.

And really now, who could walk past that little face and not be totally taken with it? We simply couldn't resist. Sitting here tonight, we have no regrets and in fact are saying we really made a great choice in this particular dog who appears to fit our family perfectly.

So now in photos you will have a new face staring back at you from amongst the crowd.

And next time, I will never blog about our life being settled. I have learned my lesson well :-)


r. said...

Just a friendly reminder--said with love--9 mos. is old enough to get pregnant, so take her down to the vet ASAP to get her spayed! Oh and get her caught up on her shots too. And get a good collar with a tag. And nowadays you can get them microchipped for pretty cheap, sometimes as low as $15-25 at a local animal shelter or low-cost spay/neuter clinic. Again, all said with love from a volunteer dog rescue "foster parent." And congrats on your latest addition :-)

dan said...

Oh my gosh, cutest dog ever! Great family addition. Way to go. -- kristy

Nancy said...

Congrats on your family's newest addition!! She IS precious!! ;-D

Betsy said...

SO CUTE!!!! I bet your kids are beyond thrilled. We have a very similar 'fluffy white dog' who is great for allergies. My one 'live and learn' suggestion would be to get her used to being combed, especially on her face & paws, while she is little. That way she won't have a tendency to bite you or a groomer later down the road!
Also, we potty trained our dog by having her ring a bell by the back door then going out to potty. She was trained within a weekend and it was the cutest thing to watch! It was a bell similar to one you'd ring at a dr's office to let them know you were waiting at the front desk.

Lenore said...

Oh, she is beyond precious!! What a wonderful addition to the LaJoy clan!! And I'm sooooo happy that you were able to find a dog that you were able to have in your home, with your allergies! The kids will get so much enjoyment from Sunny.....and what a great way to teach responsibility of another!! WTG Cindy!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your newest addition! I was very surprised when I saw the title, but then it all made sense as I read your blog. Enjoy Sunny! She is cute!

Calico Sky said...

And here I thought you'd had a quick adoption through a disruption.

Have you say this is just as good ;)

Calico Sky said...

That should read "have to say" lol not sure where my brain is! lol

Lindsay said...

Oh she's a cutie :)

Hilary Marquis said...

What a cute little ball of fluff! I didn't know you were allergic to animals. Hmm. When you finally manage to make it to MN for a visit, I'll find someplace to stash Dudley :) And Princess Sunny can come with you!

Anonymous said...

As a fellow Bichon Frise owner (two in fact!), I think you'll be thrilled with your new family member! My two Bichons are very sweet, laid back, and absolutely love my children. Congratulations to the whole family on you're newest addition!


Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet this is!!! I researched "therapy dogs" as some day I would like to have one of my own. The Bichon Frise was the one at the top of the list for many, many reasons! I still don't know how to pronounce the name correctly but, once again, you were led to the perfect addition to your family!! Amazing and a great experience for all of you. Congratulations!!! Sure do miss you and love you all! Miss Joan

Karon and John said...

You crack me up. We too have said we are done adopting but that is limited to children that require extensive dossiers. We are moving to 6.5 acers in about a month and I have the goal of getting a girl dog to balance out the boy energy of my wild home.

Raynola said...

Cindy, I just want to remind you of how good of Christians that dogs are; they love unconditionally, forgive instantly, make every attempt to help with all things, and they are ever faithful to those they love. I think that God made canines right before He/She moved on to create human beings. I aspire to be as highly evolved as my dogs. Congrats! Enjoy!

Jackie said...

She is a beautiful furbaby!! Congrats and enjoy!

Anonymous said...


Lovely puppy!!!

I thought you decided that between the 7 of you you still had space in your life for another little human son or daughter, or A. or O. hearts were acking for some friend back in Kaz and you had decided to pursue another adoption.

Inter-species adoption is great for all and it's great to see the kids are completly in Love with baby Sunny.

Congratulations to you all!!!


Jeanne said...

how how cute.. Can you email me your adddress.. I have a box of books for kids and workbooks too. And a few DVD's I cleaned my classroom, since we are moving into a new site soon.

Carol said...

Congratulations LaJoys! Sunny is just waaaayyyy too adorable. How can anyone resist that cute face?!! Oh boy... she is in for tons of love and affection... what a great life she will have. Another wonderful addition to your already amazing family. Can't wait to see more pics of all of you!