Sunday, July 04, 2010

Thank You!

This is just a quickie post, more later with 4th pics, but I wanted to say thanks to everyone who offered suggestions for clothes for the girls. Sat with a friend last night and looked online at Gap and Land's End and was pleased to see that what was in the store was NOT all that is available. Gap was one of my first choices as I figured we would be likely to find things there that would be appropriate, but in the store itself...not so much.

It also was nice to read that we are not "freaks of nature" in this area, and that many others struggle to find appropriate clothing for their daughters as well.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th! We are off to our annual church celebration to see the fireworks!


Anonymous said...

Hope you found the Land's End Overstock page . . . where I've found some screamin' deals!

Anonymous said...

I'm watching the fireworks now. Tell us how the girls like their first fourth and how the kids did in the parade.


Anonymous said...

Lands End is especially good for backpacks -- we used to get ours from Walmart, but had to replace them before the end of the schoolyear, while the ones from Lands End usually survive 2 years. One year, a backpack started coming apart after 6 months, and they replaced it. I also get winter coats and boots there, buying up a size so they last at least 2 years for us. Have passed them on to friends who passed them on to friends, and they are still in great shape.

Peggy in Virginia
(It's true, our snow boots don't get a lot of use here in the South, but you never know -- like last winter!)

Peggy in Virginia

Anonymous said...

You might want to try Areo postle. It's for teens(or pre-teens). The clothing fits my friend,and she's 10.(about 4ft 7) The girls might like the style too. Some fancy stuff like dresses and skirts might be a little pricy,but otherwise you might want to try it. It's for boys too.

Mary in Virginia