Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sorry for Emails -Got Spammed

For those of you who received the dubious email from me today insinuating that you or a loved one might need Viagra, please disregard and accept my apologies. Somehow my address book got hacked (Thanks Matthew for using my computer last night...I am guessing something happened then!) and unbeknownst to me all my contacts have received a wonderful little email suggesting a link for drugs. While I know the health care debate is on everyone's mind, this was NOT my attempt at entering into mthe dialogue.

Thanks for your forgiveness. If it happens again, let me know so I can take measures to address it...and don't click on the links. While I would be the first to admit tha a make-money-at-home venture would be suitable for me at the moment, I would at LEAST have the class to make it Tupperware or Creative Memories! HAHAHA!

But it does have me wondering...just how much money IS there in Viagra??? Hmmmmm.....


Shannon said...

Ugh - this happened to me a couple months ago and I ended up having to change my email address. Whoever hacked in kept sending stuff to my entire contact list. What a pain!

Anonymous said...

So you recommend Viagra over Cialis? And I buy where? And your cut is?

Enquiring people want to know.


Karen said...

I'm feeling left out...I didn't get any LaJoy-related Viagra spam. But in tomorrow's sermon, I do talk about another spam email that came this week. Not as fun as Viagra but it helps make my point. I think.

Anonymous said...

Probable a lot more money than Tupperware! Plus once you buy so much Tupperware you don't need anymore. No so with Viagra.