Friday, March 05, 2010

More New Things

1) Jello - Totally enthralling for the girls and had no clue what it was. Seeing it jiggle has brought tons of laughter.

2) Pasta and cans of corn do NOT belong in the fridge!

3) Swimming for 2 hours is exhausting, especially when you have never done that before.

4) Butter exploding in the microwave is hilarious, especially when it is Mommy who did it.

5) Cats love to lick your fingers, and it feels ticklish! Cat's love to BITE your fingers if you have the remnants of pickel relish juice on them.

6) Your bottom is NOT called "Bread", but it DOES start with a "B"

7) Word Search addiction is a good thing, it helps with letters and lots of new words.

8) Yet again, the Dollar Store fascinates...and yes everything is STILL only $1

9) Pickels dunked in ketchup and mayonaise totally gross mom out.

10) Police in America are different than in Kazakhstan, and lots of discussion ensued about that one.


wilisons said...

I Love word searches too! You can create them at the discover school site for free.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes...finding groceries put away in the wrong place. And I still can't believe how kitchen utensils wind up in the wrong drawers and cupboards. I've gone over and over this in the past two years, yet in all actuality, it might be our absentminded 13yr old son who has been home since the age of four. I have never caught the "culprit" red-handed, and no one admits to putting things in the wrong place. Big deal, not really, but frustrating. It's amazing how many years of "new" experiences it takes to "arrive" at knowledge that covers most circumstances. Those things crop up just when you're forgetting this is still new after all that time.

Swimming with a 10 1/2 yr old for their first time can be scary! I'm an ok swimmer, but couldn't save a life if I had to. Our first daughter home was cuh-razy in the water and scared me we were both going to drown...even though our feet were touching the bottom. Yikes.

It is such a privelege to watch the world unfold in front of older adopted children...even though it's sometimes frustrating in the midst of a busy life. Remembering to enjoy and record it is a very wise thing to do. You'll be thankful you've written so many of these things down, for if you're anything like me, you might forget them in the midst of learning to live as a family.

Nancy in the Midwest

Anonymous said...

Which Dollar Store are you frequenting? The ones I hit would better be called a $5 Store.

2 1/2 hours of swimming is exhausting for anyone, but a great place to let off joyous energy.

Word search, English or otherwise, is a delight for those of us who use it to expand our vocabulary and for those who use it for necessary communication.

Cats also bite--gently--to let you know that they are done being petted, that you are petting them the wrong way, that you are petting them in the wrong place, that you aren't petting them when they want to be petted.

If you decide to feed those horses east of you, teach the girls to put the feed (carrots or apples are usually a draw), flat in their hand. Don't curl the hand or fingers. Horses don't like the taste of fingers accidently thrust in their mouths and will spit them back out with just a few minor dents.

Love you,

Kelly and Sne said...

How FUN! I remember living in Russia and a fellow team member was able to bring in a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, complete with cold milk in little cartons. I was amused that the Russians had no idea how to open those cartons... something, of course, we had grown up with and took for granted. Of course, now milk cartons may go the way of record albums....

Anonymous said...

Swimming for two hours is exhausting for almost anyone but a great place for expending joyous energy.

Cats love to lick your fingers, but they will bite--gently--to tell you they have been petted enough, they haven't been petted in the right spot, or the right way, or enough, or it is time to pet them again.

Bun also starts with B. It is a bread, but it also isn't a bottom.

Word Search is wonderful for those expanding their vocabulary or learning a new vocabulary--quite addictive.

Which Dollar Store are you shopping? The one I go to is more like a $5 Store.

On a scale of 1-10 where do Montrose police rate? Where do Kazakhstan police rate, and why? (This is an essay question due on Monday--right after you finish your Faith Vision).

If you decide to feed the horses in the pasture east of you, I recommend pieces of carrot or apple as an enticement, but show the girls how to keep their hands flat. Horses do not like the taste of curled fingers and will spit them out with dents.

Love Ya,

Gavin said...

I agree - what is the difference in police that you were having such discussion on?

I've been following your "new" experiences and coming up with items that I'd like to send to RBS if I can ever return to work to give the children the chance to experience something entirely new