Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Newly Titled "Queen of Awe-Summm"!!

I am laughing so hard I can barely stand it, as I have somehow been crowned a "Queen of Awe-Summm" by Lori over at . Thanks Lori, I consider it an incredible honor!! I love that it came today when my blog achieved 60,000 hits, so I guess I will celebrate. This is the last thing I need to be doing right now as I am not packed and am leaving tomorrow for 3...count them THREE days in Denver with my Awe-Summm Sr. High Youth Group. I DO have all the laundry done, which lasts for a mere 5 minutes around here but at least I am leaving with a sense of accomplishment and strict orders for Dominick to keep up with it so I don't have piles to come home to on the one day in between my trip to Denver and our trip to Chicago for Kenny's surgery. He is actually far better at keeping the loads moving than I am so for him it will be a snap. here are the directions from Lori's Blog:
As is the case with any acceptance of a royal title, there are responsibilities. They are:
1. List seven things that make you awe-summm.
2. Pass the award on to seven bloggers you love.
3. Tag those bloggers to let them know that they are now Queens of All Things Awe-Summm.
4. Don't forget to link to the queen that tagged you.
5. If you would like, copy the pic and put it on your sidebar so everyone knows that you're a queen. *OH YEAH!*

So here goes, I am having a very hard time coming up with 2 things, let alone 7 but I'll give it a shot...

1) I have Awe-summm taste in husbands and children :-) That is the only one I will absolutely lay claim to. I am surrounded by the hunkiest, cutest, sweetest men a woman (And I guess now "Queen") could ever ask for!! And I PICKED THEM ALL!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!! Remember, I am a LaJoy and we have a sick and twisted sense of humor...

2) OK...I am already stuck...I couldn't even come up with TWO. Let's see, let me think...

I am an Awe-summm typist, considering I never took a typing class in my life. Dominick jokes about me "driving a Ferrari" referring to my laptop. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not the Queen of Grammar or Writing or even of Proofreading...but for never having training I am far faster than most people would ever imagine I could be. I gained this Awe-summm skill one year when I was very young working at a newspaper office and typing in thousands of subscribers names to a new data base. Don't know how I got that job in the first place since I couldn't type a lick but by the time I was done I sure could! Gained pretty fast 10-Key skills there as well.

3) Ummm...there is no way I am going to get to 7 of these...

Oh yea...I am unequivocally, totally the Queen of Diet Coke drinkers, a dubious title at best (and I gladly share it with a friend in Kansas who KNOWS WHO I AM TALKING ABOUT!!!), but since I am having a hard enough time coming up with them I will admit to my addiction here and tell you I will drink any of you under the table, any time, any place, anywhere!!! And I know Dominick would lay a bet down on me on that one, if he were a betting man!!

4) I know! The boys tell me I am Awe-summm at making up stupid songs, sometimes new weird lyrics to old melodies and sometimes creating new masterpieces about things like cleaning up the house and having messy boys, or driving to school and trying not to crash, or just dumb stuff. And each boy has their own song that I sang to them when rocking them to sleep or as he was trying to learn how to sleep with Kenny. I remember Matthew being about 3 and singing along words to "Lean on Me" that I had changed a little for him :-) Very dumb skill, but hey..I am struggling here!!

5) I am Awe-Summm at being the butt of jokes and not taking offense. Things like hearing for 4 years how I somehow ended up in Salt Lake City coming home from Las Vegas...only about 4 hours out of my way and totally off course. Or the new one from just today was how I almost burned the house down by using the cleaning function on the oven to clean spilled over cornbread...and having every single smoke detector in the house go off! I am not kidding you, it was so bad Dominick and I had to go outside to breathe and as I sit here hours later, the smell still permeates everything, including my hair. We were out shopping and he and I kept giggling about how awful we smelled but we weren't going to take a shower. It was so bad that the piano teacher came up to the house today and asked Dominick to check under her hood because she smelled something burning,..I am cracking up as I even type this...and it was the smell from earlier in the day coming out our open window as we tried to air out the house!!! Hahahahaha!!! Oh man, this is so funny but I know it doesn't translate in writing, if only we had "Smell-O-Vision" on our blog, you too might find it as hilarious as I do.

6) That's it...can't think of anything else. I gotta finish this though, only 2 more to go...can't for the life of me figure out why Lori would include me in this Awe-Summm category, the pressure is on now!! Shoot...
Still nothing....
Wasting time and I need to get to bed because my smoke filled contacts are KILLING me...
I don't even have any quirkie little skills like bending my legs over my head or juggling or anything. Good grief, I have reached 42 and have no Awe-Summmness really to report.
I KNOWWW!!!! I am Awe-Summ at tolerating lots of noise from little boys. Lame, I know guys, but it's all I got to give. I can make myself go into "The Zone" and the noise suddenly drifts to the background, and I can have 7 or 8 kids and not lose my cool somehow. Not saying I can stay in The Zone for long periods of time, but I can at least visit it for a bit.

7) OK, this one suddenly popped in to my mind (whew!)...I am Awe-Summm at reading quickly. I am NOT a speed reader in the typical sense, but I do read pretty an average novel in less than 24 hours if I have time alone to read, and I read voraciously and eclectically. I chew books up and spit them out in tiny pieces. I read all the time, I read the Lysol can in the bathroom, I read the owners manual in the car when I am bored on a drive, and in all seriousness...when I was about Matt and Kenny's age I read the entire World Book Encyclopedia set that my parents had bought (At least it made them feel the investment was worthwhile!) as well as...don't laugh at me please, you all already KNOW I am an odd duck...I read the dictionary in the bathtub and yes, I hang my head in shame and admit I even read (I can't believe I am admitting this on an internationally read blog) the phone book...white pages as well as yellow pages...I was DESPERATE, after all I had already FINISHED the Encyclopedia!!! What else was there left to read??? I am a prime candidate for an Amazon Kindle E-book reader for our trip to Kaz because there is absolutely no way I can ever haul enough reading material over for that long of a stay, and I am totally bummed and wondering what I will do. Of course the cost of a Kindle and it's accompanying E-Books puts it out of range, but I drool over it when I think of 2 trips to Kaz...I covet it...I stare longingly at the web page for it :-) HeeHeeHeeHee...never happen but it sure would save a ton of weight (and save me from Dominick's complaining about WHY we need to drag a suitcase full of books...because he might read a grand total of ONE on a long trip like that! Poor boy just doesn't "get it" even after all these years )!!!

So there, that was much, much harder than I anticipated and you now know the title of "Queen of Awe-Summm" is ill deserved. And I can not believe I sat here ignoring emails I need to respond and not packing so I could blog. I hope my friends forgive me, but I couldn't pass this up! If you are in my "In" box, I apologize profusely and will now stop this silliness and go to bed...if I can stand the smell of cremated remains of cornbread. And this prompted Matthew to ask innocently tonight "Momma, are the ovens to cremate people decorated on the outside?". Hmmmmm....and I think I am weird? Some of it must have rubbed off!

Now, on to bed I must go...and since I couldn't possibly select only 7 bloggers to tag with this, if you read this and blog and want to be a Queen, by all means do so!
Night everyone, talk to you in a few days!!


Anonymous said...

You are also an AWE-SOME listener and friend. Someone who deserves to be Queen! KR

Dee said...

You ARE the Queen, so enjoy it! I chuckled reading about the little songs. I sing silly songs to Michael sometimes. I try to get him to sing along, but he won't, most of the time. Of course his voice is changing so he croaks like a frog a lot! LOL

I wish I could afford to send you a Kindle. I covet one, too. Here's a suggestion. Start selling your books on Amazon. I started doing that and they are selling pretty briskly, some old hardbacks I don't want any more. You might could raise the Kindle money that way. Doesn't take but a moment to set it up, and there's no bidding like ebay.

Have a FUN weekend!


Lori said...

See--reason 1 (of many) you're Queen of Awe-summm! You have a million things going on in your life and you still find time to do this AND none of your other responsibilities will be worse for the wear, I'm sure.
Not to mention, you're awe-summm because:
*You give of yourself unselfishly.
*Your empathy enables you to really feel for others, yet your intelligence allows you to temper your feelings with rational thinking--rare these days.
*Your humility in not thinking you're awe-summm is what makes people love you more.
I could go on and on...but everyone who *knows* you knows you're awe-summm!

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