Monday, April 13, 2009

Here We Go Again...

Tomorrow I am off to Denver, for another quickie run to get apostilles on documents and FedEx things to our agency quickly in the hopes that our dossier will finally be accepted and moved through the system. I have double and triple checked my list, have my maps and my GPS at the ready, and will undoubtedly "chug a lug" a few Diet Cokes along the way. I am actually looking forward to this trip, as a last minute offer was made by a close friend to go with me, so we will have plenty of time to gab and catch up on our lives.

I feel like I ought to have some sort of ceremony, maybe a blessing of some sort over these documents! Oy Vey, let this PLEASE be the last time and may the next time I hear from our agency let it not be for any reason other than with lots of good news. Anyone out there want to offer their own little blessings, please do so...we need all the help we can get!!

I really need some down time, I have tons of homework I have yet to start for my ministry classes as adoption paperwork keeps taking up oodles of time. I am also in the midst of planning a trip to Denver for our Sr. High Youth Group and am really looking forward to that, which will end 2 days before we leave for Kenny's surgery in Chicago. In between I also have Kenny's IEP meeting to prepare for, and many other smaller projects on the side...and April is quickly passing me by!

I also have been contemplating a new format for the blog but haven't really found anything I like well. I have been scanning 3 column blog templates, but just as I need Garanimal tags for clothing to match anything I guess I need the same thing for blogging!! I am SO not creative with this stuff. I have been debating having two blogs, one that is more adoption oriented and one that is more faith oriented, but somehow I can't seem to separate the two in my own mind so that may not happen. I may find a way to create a blog that works for me in both directions using one blog template, but frankly I don't have time to devote to it at the moment...just like I have wanted to label all my posts with categories that would make it easier for people to find the "good stuff" amongst the daily drivel, but that hasn't happened either and the thought of going back over 400+ posts makes me want to cringe. You all might be stuck with the way this thing looks for a good long time.

So I am off to bed as I have to rise very early tomorrow. Hope I can fall asleep quickly!!!


Shannon said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow - enjoy the time with your friend. Perhaps the happy company is blessing enough over those precious documents. As for your blog - I think your faith is so intertwined with your family and your adoptions it would be impossible to separate them. We like you (and your blog) just the way you are!!

Michelle said...

I feel like there are good things for everyone in the last half of April! Keep your blog unified...we love the entire Cindy Lajoy...not just parts of you!

Lori said...

I hope Denver is all it needs to be!

I like the blog format, by the way--so if that is what stays for a while, I dig that!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all. May He carry those documents on the wings of eagles, and bring you and your friend safely home again.

Peggy in Virginia