Thursday, April 09, 2009

For Those Waiting To Come Home From Kyrgyzstan...

I just got off the phone after having been interviewed by KTR TV in Bishkek regarding international adoption. This was a sudden event, finding me drug out of the shower this morning to take a phone call from Rebecca at JCICS and that started the ball rolling to make this happen. I found myself being interviewed by a reporter in Bishkek. It was a short interview, nothing earth shattering was asked or shared, but hopefully in my less-than-professional way I was able to convey that we all love our children and will provide good homes for them.

I don't know what the ultimate outcome will be for any of the waiting families. My heart goes out to you all, as you have waited through agonizing months with no news at all, wondering if children who have already grabbed your heart will ever make it home and find themselves sleeping in those lovingly prepared nurseries. My hopes remain high that they will all one day come home.

Those of us who have completed our adoptions have done all we possibly could...we have shared our stories, we have prayed, we have offered our continued encouragement and support. It is my hope that we will rejoice with you one day.


Jes said...

Thank you so much for offering what you can. Hopefully this will really get the ball rolling and they can see that we have loving families waiting to bring our children home.

Thank You!

Lisa Brotherton said...

Thank you Cindy for all of your efforts. You have been an amazing supporter of all of us and a strong advocate for the children.

Shannon said...

Once again, Cyndi, thanks for advocating for all of us waiting families. Can't wait to see/hear the interview.

Kimberly said...

Cyndi - you are a gem! Thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of orphans everywhere!

Bob; Carrie DeLille said...

you for all you, all you've done.