Thursday, February 12, 2009

IMPORTANT: Kyrgyzstan Adoptions - We need your help!

I had a conversation today with Rebecca Harris of the Joint Council on International Children's Services (JCICS) who is working in coordination with our State Department to try and move things along with the stalled Kyrgyzstan adoptions. There are over 60 kids who have parents desperately waiting to bring their children home, many of whom have already met their kids. Boy, do I know what THAT feels like! In an effort to try and let Kyrgyz officials better understand the positive impact on the lives of adopted children, JCICS is trying to compile information to send over about previously adopted children and their current status. Here is the notice from JCICS:

Following the conference call with the Dept of State and prospective adoptive parents with referrals from Kyrgyzstan, Joint Council has initiated a call for Kyrgyz adoptee stories. This will be a part of Joint Council's continued Global Awareness Campaign which aims to show the plight of children in need and the successes of children who have been placed in permanent care. If a family has adopted from Kyrgyzstan and would like to share their story as part of the Campaign they should send their story to Cindy LaJoy at Cindy is an adoptive mother of three children, one of who was adopted from Kyrgyzstan. The stories can be a maximum of 250 words and must have photos included. Families will need to submit an electronic release of information with their story. A copy of Joint Council's release is attached for you to distribute to families. Stories must be submitted to Cindy by Monday, February 23rd. Joint Council would like to thank Cindy for the donation of her time for this Campaign.

If you have completed a Kyrgyz adoption and are willing to share, please send me an email and I will provide you with a sample document as well as the electronic release.

I do hope you would consider doing this, the lives of many children are at stake, including the child of a waiting family that lives very near us as well as Kenny's buddy. If you have any questions, contact me and I will do my best to assist you.

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Tina Michalik said...

Hi Cindy,

Can you email me the stuff I need in order to do this?? Thank you!


tina m @ cruzio dot com