Thursday, November 27, 2008

20/20 Special/Happy Thanksgiving!


Just wait until you see the special day these kids have in store for them! And I have to add that John's accounting for the dollars spent is meticulous, down the the penny. He has quite a crew over there and you can rest assured that every dollar spent has been negotiated to the best possible deal and that nothing is being spent unwisely. I think that is what I like about John's work...everything goes to help others, and he "gets it" about building communities that are someone and then they help others and so on. Pull someone out of the dump, provide them an opportunity and often they will "Pay it Forward" tenfold. Thanks again to everyone for your effort, your CASH, your showing love to those so far away. That's what it is really all about, giving without thought to gain for yourself. But we DO get the reward in the photos that will be coming this Christmas, and personally, it will absolutely make my Christmas the most special in years. So thanks to everyone, let's not quit now, we have MORE CHILDREN TO HELP...and yes...MORE PIES TO THROW!!! As you eat your pumpkin or mincemeat pie today, think of the Pie Challenge and share it with others, see if you can collect over the table a few bucks from your families :-)

I just watched the trailer for the 20/20 IA adoption failure special airing tomorrow night on ABC and reserve comment until after I view the episode in its entirety. What I saw on the trailer was gut wrenchingly touching and as the parent of both an older adopted child and a RAD kiddo, my perspective might be different than others who view it. I am not immediately on the defensive nor passing judgment, we'll just see how the whole piece turns out then I'll throw out my 2 cents worth, which is worth exactly that. However, I urge everyone to watch it if they can, it should make for some interesting food for thought either as a way to prepare yourselves for what lays ahead or to see it as incredibly sensational journalism...I can't yet tell.

Aside from that, I want to wish every single one of you a wonderful, heartfelt, warm Thanksgiving Day. This is a time for us to recognize all we have to be thankful for, and that is so cliche it is easy to overlook it and not think of it in a more deep way. But I bet anyone who has battled cancer is thankful to be here today, anyone who has been homeless before is thankful for a table full of food, and a child who has been without a family feels much gratitude for finally belonging somewhere.

I personally have much to be thankful for this year...for God in my life and the difference that has made for our entire family, for my husband and children, for special friendships both near and far, for our Adoption Angels who are making it possible for 2 more children to sit around our table next year, for not being alone this Thanksgiving, for the love and care each of you has shown children you have neve rmet by praying for them and for offering up funds for their Christmas.

May you all be blessed today with love and plenty of all you really need (notice I don't say what you want!).

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Lenore Ryan said...

On this Thanksgiving Day, our family has sent a small donation to your wonderful is the case, I always wish it could be more, but this is the first time we've done something like this and felt it so personally. Having the connection to your family that we now have, made this very real for us, especially for James, who donated some of his own money to the cause!

Thank you for opening our eyes, giving us a "teachable moment" for our son and adding to the wonder of our holiday season. As James said to me last night, "Mama, as we celebrate our holidays during this season I will be thinking a lot about those children in the orphanages". We might not know any of them personally, but through you, we too, feel a connection. Thank you so very much!! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

Bob; Carrie DeLille said...

Working on our resources!! What's the cut-off date for John needing to know if he has enough funds?

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! Way to go blog readers! Are we going to go for it one more time, for some extras for the kids in the orphanages, plus pie in the face for Josh, Kenny, and Matthew??

Peggy in Virginia