Friday, May 02, 2008

Down For the Count

Why is it that we seem to get sick at the most inopportune times? Or is it that our lives are so busy that ANYTIME is not a good time to be ill? Right now I am sitting here, still in a bit of a feverish state, trying to kick a case of strep throat. I've been in bed for two days with 104 fever, all while having a houseful of additional kids coming and going. Thank goodness for the husband I have who will step in and run the show when I am down for the count. I have tons of emails to answer, a house that looks like a disaster area and construction zone combined, and to be honest I feel so lousy I could care less about any of it.

My mom tried to convince me today to slow down, to not take on so much. Ever since I was a kid, I always got things worse than everyone else...if they had a cold, mine would last 10 days longer...if they got the 24 hour flu, mine would extend 4 more days. I know I need to back off a bit sometimes, but it seems there is always something to do and it's always something I enjoy. I also put a lot of pressure on myself, feeling guilty if I don't answer emails as soon as possible or if I know I can do something but I say "no" without a really good excuse. Finding that balance sure is hard, isn't it?

So, we'll muddle through the next few weeks and look forward to summer...we have a busy few weeks ahead. I just realized I still have to finish some of Kenny's final adoption paperwork...his readoption and citizenship documents. I had totally forgotten about it and need to get going on that. If this summer brings with it a new round of adoption dossier compiling, the last thing we need is to not even have the last one totally completed before beginning another! And if it doesn't happen, at least I'll have it out of the way and done.

In the meantime, I think I am going back to bed. Maybe the next time I blog there will be something more than inane nonsense that comes out!


Anonymous said...

Being sick is no fun, especially as the weather gets nicer. I understand the need to push yourself. Why do we do that too ourselves until our bodies say "Stop!"? I hope you feel better soon!
~ Maureen

Kim Adams said...

I was finally able to say "No" to some things after a section in The Purpose Driven Life really spoke to me... The basic idea was that sometimes you have to stop doing even good things in order to do "the" things God has in mind for you. It is still a challenge to discern which good things I should say no to, but I do feel freer.