Monday, March 24, 2008

Hearts Uplifted

Yesterday proved to be just the antidote I needed, and I should have known that reaching out to others would be the key to helping me get out of the gloomies. Seeing Kenny with his first Easter basket, running around excitedly joining in the fun of gathering could anyone not find themselves smiling over that.

We haven't had the easiest week with him this past week, not horribly challenging but sometimes I don't mention it when things are a bit bumpy. it's not out of an effort to hide anything, it's just not that big of a deal but when things smooth out I realize that perhaps it was a bit more stressful than I gave it credit for being. Each time the more juvenile behavior returns, it is lower on the scale and we are seeing such great strides, but we had a significant amount of regression this week to work with, some struggles over getting homework done and not paying attnetion, etc. He ended up going to school in tears one day without breakfast because he made the choice not to finish it the night before and do it the next morning, and then didn't have time to eat. But that was his choice! Nothing really big or major, just small mini-struggles throughout the week.

Yesterday, however, I felt we had perhaps crossed over the road and are back on track. I am glad too, because we ended up having a wonderful evening. We had invited our friends over for Easter dinner, and then while I was at church I thought about another couple who had no one to be with for the evening so I invited them, and then another...and then it snowballed. We had an impromptu dinner party for 20!! It was a lot of fun and really cheered me up. And several people who, like us, would have been alone without extended family felt for the evening that we had family right here.

Although it is hard being away from my mom for holidays particularly, I am always so grateful to know that she is sitting down to a feast at my mother-in-law's home. Yes, odd as it may seem, my mom and mother-in-law are close friends...and they didn't know one another before we got married. I am glad they have one another, and it helps me feel less sad being in Colorado and unable to afford to get out to CA as often as I would want. We are planning a trip out as soon as school is out, which will be right after our friends leave and that might help take our minds off the sadness of that event.

So a week that started out with me being a bit in the dumps ended on a warm note. Friends near and far...those who took the time to comment or send very thoughtful emails...all helped make a difference. Thank you for caring!


Anonymous said...

Cindy, Still faithfully following your blog. Thanks, as always, a great read and helpful!! BUT, since it was Easter, I was hoping for pics of those handsome boys! Happy Easter!!
Heather Wood (mommy to Grant and Allyson)

Hilary Marquis said...

I'm glad it ended up being a great weekend for you. I understand the mini 6yr. old is a challenge most days as well. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world, but there are days when I just want to lock myself in the bathroom to have a moments peace! My mom and my mother-in-law are great buddies too. In fact, they are really quite naughty together ;) I guess they were quite a hoot taking care of the kids for part of the time that we were in Kryg for trip 1.