Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

It is 6:45 AM, and I am taking the last few minutes for myself before a busy day begins. Matthew, who I thought might be less than excited this year by it all, was the first to pop up out of bed (at 5:15 AM) and come snuggle in bed with me, whispering quietly to ask if he could go look for eggs. I told him emphatically that not at least until his brothers woke up and the sun had risen :-) So he eventually fell back to sleep, soon to again awake I am sure

It was so cute last night, we were driving home late and were talking about Easter egg hunts and eggs...and just as we were about to turn on our road a furiously hopping rabbit skittered across the street in front of us, barely escaping the wheels of the van. I got this shocked look on my face, stopped dead in our tracks and turned around to look at the boys who had all seen it and said "Man...did you guys see that??? I'll bet that was the Easter Bunny or one of his helpers!! We never see rabbits out here! I wonder if he was already at our house?". Eyes big as saucers they bought it hook, line and sinker and suddenly were so wired they were bouncing up and down in their seats until we pulled in front of the house where Matthew jumped out and said "Come on guys! We gotta get to bed or he won't leave us anything or hide our eggs! And he is right down the street! Hurry!". Talk about having a hard time keeping a straight face, but it sure was cute.

So now it is time to get them all up and the chaos will begin. There is church with new shirts for the boys, an egg hunt there as well, and we will have friends over for dinner, including a couple of friends from my work. Dominick is working today, unfortunately, and has already left so he can not enjoy Kenny's first Easter but we are not complaining...there are times when things don't always go as planned and you just make the best of it. He'll be home for dinner, and he is working so I can be home, and I am grateful for that. I am also always so appreciative of our employees, who by nature of what we do are asked to work on holidays and they cheerfully agree to do so or share shifts. Without the key employees we have who have remained and worked hard over the years, our lives would be much more difficult.

So here is wishing you all a blessed Easter, one filled with bunnys and pastels, with eggs and treats. And may all who consider this holiday to be about more than children's spring fun celebrate that He Has Risen!!

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