Saturday, September 08, 2007

Soccer City

Today was the first game of the fall soccer season, and it was a total riot at moments as well as a huge surprise! Matthew is showing some real promise at the sport, and thanks to the help of a teenaged friend has develped some pretty good footwork. He still doesn't have that "killer instinct" and likely never will, but he loves the game and is becoming far more than just an adequate goalie as well! Joshua, well, let's just say that at 4 1/2 years old he was far more interested in playing with the flag marking the corners of the field than he was in playing the game. In between playing ghost with his shirt over his head and flashing his imaginary Spiderman webs at everyone he did manage to kick the ball a few times. And Kenny, I have to wonder where in the world the kid that I saw on the field came from! What a stark contrast to the early weeks of Soccer Bible Camp when I had to coerce him into even running 20 yards and when he shuddered every time the ball came within 4 feet of him. It is not an exaggeration to say I was completely stunned at the boy I saw out there on the field today. He was running the entire game, hustling and getting in there to fight for the ball, even managing to make some pretty good moves out there! He also surprised me when he became very aggitated at his team mates whom he felt weren't working hard enough as the other team scored goal after goal on them. At one point he came very close to a crying melt down when he said in dismay " friends all asleep!!!" and he pointed at his team. I had no idea he has this competitive side to him, and it was fun to see him take it seriously and work hard out there. He has very kind coaches who are not put off by his lack of skill and knowledge, nor his ocassional backstep into babyish behavior. They are doing a great job with him and we are thankful he is having a very positive experience this first time out.

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Kim said...

I am so glad to hear all the boys are enjoying soccer. Those are some great action shots you got by the way!
Come check out my blog... I have an award for you there.

Kim @ TheBitterBall