Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Word About Tokie

I just received an email from Michelle. She is an adopting mommy too, adopting a cutie pie infant Kyrgyz boy from the baby house in Bishkek, and she is also using our agency. I had asked Michelle if she could find out from our coordinator over there, Saule, if Toktogul knows we are coming. Here is what she wrote me:

"Saule and I were talking about Tokie yesterday. He is very excited to come home with you and knows that you are coming soon. I guess he has been teasing Saule for a while that she is trying to keep him all to herself and that she has to let him go home with his mommy. She also told me the story about how all of the kids are calling him the american boy and how much he loves it! She really thinks the world of your new son. Of course, I haven't gotten a chance to meet him - so I can't relay any impressions to you - I wish I could. But I can tell you that when Saule talks about him she uses the words gentle, kind, and she says good, good, good heart he is a very good kid. "

That's my boy!!

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