Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We Are Blessed

Sorry I haven't blogged much the past couple of days. We were busily finishing up all that needs to be done and suddenly today I stopped, looked around, and realized that we are basically finished! Packing is all complete, the house looks as good as it ever will, last minute paperwork is done, and now all there is to do is get on that plane on Saturday afternoon!!

We had a wonderful weekend full of little surprises. Saturday we received aome unexpected packages from the mailman...it felt like Christmas around here! The first package contained some DVD's and books for the boys for the long flights ahead from our special friend and social worker, Joan. Man, did we luck out in finding her when we were struggling so much with Josh and attachment. She saved my sanity and has become a wonderful friend of our family. I doubt many adopting families have such a strong advocate in their corner, and one who truly cares about them beyond writing a homestudy.

Another package was a sweet surprise as well. There is a special woman who is related to us, my brother-in-law's mother-in law (got that???), named Barbara. When Matthew and Joshua each came home, Barbara made them each a baby quilt, and these were the most loved items you could possibly imagine. Matthew's in particular was a raggedy, torn, frayed utter mess when he finally grew beyond carrying it every single place we went. Well, Barbara, bless her heart, made a quilt for Toktogul. It is beautiful! What an incredibly thoughtful thing to do, to recognize that regardless of age, Toktogul's "birth" into our family is just as special as Matt and Josh's. In many ways, his age may mean he needs a "lovie" even more than the other boys as he has far more changes coming his way than they did. I can just see it now, all three of them playing on the bunk bed filled to the max with stuffed animals and blankies, pretending it is a castle or a ship or some other wild fantasy. Sadly, in my whirlwind housecleaning/nesting I was unable to talk either of the boys into discarding at least a few stuffed animals...yes even Matthew at almost 8 loves them! The quilt has a wonderful mix of squares appealing to the younger side of him and the older side as well...Pooh Bear and construction vehicles, airplanes and puppies. It was obviously made with a lot of thought and love put into it, and it will rest at the foot of his bed awaiting his first night of sleep in his new home. Thank you Barbara, for continuing the tradition...and hope you saved some of that airplane and construction truck material for the next little one that we are all anticipating that is on his way!

Sunday was a quiet day around here. We went to church where our church family circled around us for a blessing to send us on our way. I was asked to say a few words and totally lost it, felt like a happy little fool as I stood there sobbing like an idiot, tears of joy that just wouldn't stop falling. We have an awesome, incredible church family...one like no other. The support, encouragement, love and acceptance they have offered us is unbelievable, and I can't imagine worshipping anyplace else. Our church home has added enormously to our lives and to the lives of our sons. We are a small Congregation, but are active and engaged. It is wonderful to know they are all there, pulling for us!

And so here I sit, typing away as if I didn't have just FOUR DAYS until we depart. Our lives are about to be changed forever, our home will be filled with the sounds of more laughter...and my hallways will be soon cluttered with even MORE smelly boy-socks! Ain't life grand???

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