Wednesday, May 09, 2007

More Little Kindnesses

Again I am struck by how kind people can be. Two different Kazakhstan adoption friends shared items with me this week via snail mail. Anna sent me a program to help fill in the gaps in development in older adopted children, called SmartStart. I will check it out and let you all know what I think of it. Other friends, Peggy and Dan, kindly thought to send me a copy of the April 2007 issue of Forbes Life where Kyrgyzstan is featured prominently on the front cover! They also sent a wonderful book that was so appreciated and will no doubt be by my bedside for awhile.

Being part of the international adoption community is like being part of a special club. When we see each other in public, even if we have never met, we knowingly smile at one another. When we connect via the internet, relationships are formed that last years and can really help through the rough times...and share the joy during the good times. This was one of the nicest unexpected surprises about adopting from another country. I only hope that I have succeeded in helping others the way we have been helped so many times. Everything from phone calls to emails of encouragement to magazines mailed to the is such a great feeling to recognize that you are not alone ons this splendid journey, and that others care and will share.

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