Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Waiting...and waiting...

Well, it has been a long time since I have posted! We are currently in waiting mode, soon we should be hearing that we have a court date, then assuming we are approved we then have a 30 day waiting period before we can travel. The past few weeks have been spent with all of us sick, fighting a nasty bronchial infection, and we are glad we have had it now rather than later!

We have begun to prepare in small ways, buying "T"'s first new clothing as we try to guess at the size, and some travel games to entertain us on the long flights. Other than that, we are just working and waiting. Soon we should have much more to post...or at least I will be feeling well enough to want to rattle off more on the blog!


tina said...

What travel games do you like most?

LaJoy Family said...

hahahaha! Tina, I think that depends upon who you ask. Of course, bringing along a 4 and 7 year old this can be a most serious question :-) Things that don't work are: Anything messy, anything with small parts that easily fall off airplane trays, bulky things, etc. One of our favorites last time was Tangrams which if you are unfamiliar with is various shapes that you then have to make into a picture that is shown to you on a card. Sound easy? NOT! Small, compact and hours of fun. Leap Pad was too big and bulky and will not come this time around, although it did provide lots of entertainment. Leapster will be coming this time! Travel Blokus will be our favorite, hands down, as we all LOVE the big version and were thrilled to find it in a travel version. Super easy to play with no major instruction (you can play it within 5 minutes of opening it new) and fun for adults and kids. Travel Scrabble would be my favorite, but alas...not anyone else's :-( The travel version of Sequence will also be coming along and is another one that is fun for adults and kids alike. All of these can be found at Target I think.

Michelle said...

Tic toc....who knew waiting was THIS hard!

LaJoy Family said...

You know Michelle, I have been lucky I guess because this is my 3rd adoptive pregnancy and I have never really struggled with the wait. I guess I always had so much else to do that I was scrambling at the last minute anyway and felt ill prepared :-) I'll admit that this time it feels longer, although I am still not stressing yet, simply because we know who he is far longer than that last two times.

I'll admit to this though, each time I felt deeply that they were "growing up" without me, and last time I even cried when I got an updated referral photo right before traveling because Josh looked so darned big all of a sudden! However, I already know "T" is big so maybe that helps...hahahahaha!

pearly1979 said...

I was going to suggest blokus! We love blokus at our house too! :) Though I did constantly find myself counting the pieces to be sure non had been lost! :)

Our kids LOVED uno! It was easy to explain, helpful learning colors and numbers, and easy to carry along. Plus if a card or two gets lost or wrecked it's no big deal and still playable!

We adopted 6 and 8 year olds and had our other 6 year old and 18 month old along. They all all played. The 18 month old in her own way of course, but it was definately a great game to bring along and I'm SO glad we had it!


p.s. Glad to see you posting again!