Saturday, February 24, 2007

Long Distance Friends

You know, adoption can lead you down the most interesting paths, and thanks to the internet you can meet some incredible people. Sometimes you don't have to be physically close to someone to still have a close and meaningful relationship. It does take effort on both sides, but it can work if it means enough. We have some dear friends who live in another state, who even in spite of the distance have made a big difference in our lives. Our families have shared a lot together, supported one another in the ways we can, and been an encouragement through some good times and some bad times together. It is one of the nicest relationships I have ever had, because there is no stress, and we just do what we can do when we can do it, with the understanding that sometimes one has more to offer than the other, depending on life's circumstances at the moment.

The funny thing is, that we have only been around each other twice in person, yet we have managed to sustain a real friendship for over 6 years now. You would think that would be impossible or that it would somehow be less valid, but it is not. Although we are not up to date on all the little minutia of our daily lives, we somehow still feel connected as we share our greater tragedies and triumphs. When something big happens, we want to share it, get advice, and encourage one another. When the tough times come, we have each at various times found ourselves checking airline rates to see if it was possible to actually be present to offer practical help.

On Valentine's Day we received a special little gift from our friends, it was a big surprise and was so touching. It was their way of letting us know they really cared and wanted to be involved in the ways that they could. Our new little guy has an awesome adopted Uncle and Auntie who are thinking of him and wishing our family a safe journey. No doubt they will one day meet in person.

I am so thankful for this special friendship, and for the effort it has taken to keep it alive. What started as simply having a connection due to our children has long since ceased to be only about that. It has proven to me that friendships come in all shapes and sizes, if you just look for them and are willing to show you care. I will not post their names here, to preserve their privacy, but they know who they are, and that we love all of them very much.

Through this adoption journey I have met others who will no doubt be close to our hearts as time goes on, who have offered very real help with no desire for anything in return. Our immediate family grows with adoption, but so does our extended family, and it is with gratitude that we say thanks for all you have done.

Hearts connecting, people's what it's all about.

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Michelle said...

What a great entry. I certainly hope to remain friends with some of the great people I have met online in the last couple of months. Of course, I have grand visions of seeing everyone at a culture camp of some sort!