Monday, January 29, 2007

"Send Him Back!!"

I am already anticipating the collective gasps of horror when you all read this, but you'd just have to know our family to "get it" that this had us all laughing until we thought we were going to pee our pants this morning. It may sound bad, but actually it is really, really good.

I crawled into Matthew's bed this morning to try and wake him up, and Joshie was crawling all over me as well. We were all giggling in that quiet, under the covers, morning sort of way when somehow the conversation turned to who loved who the most. With a grin on his face, Matthew said "You love Daddy and Joshie but you don't love me!", to which I replied in total jest " are going to make me cry!" as he continued to giggle.

Joshie then sat up, put his hands on his hips as only he can do and blurted out "Mommy, you need to send him back to the orphanage!!!!" and we all, Matthew included started our day off with the biggest laugh.

You are probably wondering why in the world I would think such a thing was funny, or positive in any way...well, Joshie finally understands that we would never do such a thing, he is secure enough to know that NO ONE is ever going back, NO WAY, NO HOW, and he feels safe enough now to joke about it.

Plus, I readily admit, we are a sick, twisted family and find humor in things no one else ever would.

So go ahead, flame me, we STILL think it is funny!

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