Thursday, January 18, 2007

King of Legos

I don't know if you knew this, but we live with the King of Legos. Here is a photo of Matthew proudly showing off his just finished project, a Lego 787 Jet. He spent hours on this and did it all by himself.

ADDITIONAL: I have been asked in emails 3 different times more about "The King's" project, so here is the info. It was a Lego kit with 1197 pieces and was rated for ages 10-15...and Matthew is 7 :-) Yes, he is an architect or engineer in the making, as my friend Ashley said! He has been doing puzzles since he was very young, and in fact was tremendously entertained with 250 piece jigsaw puzzles when he was 4 and we traveled to get kept him busy every night in our little apartment and we bought 3 of them for $1.50 each over in Kazakhstan. He has used K'Nex sets to build without plans the Empire State Building and the White House as well. No, he is not a genius and is a normal kid, but he does seem to be gifted in this area and keeping him challenged is...well...a challenge!


Anonymous said...

That is one smart kid!!! He looks so proud of himself too! An absolutely handsome guy!

LaJoy Family said...

Thanks Heather! He is really a builder and loves Legos more than anything in the world. Since he was about 4 he could sit and work with them for 3-4 hours at a time, he has always had a surprising ability to focus on things he is interested in. Now if I could only get him to "focus" on cleaning his room! Hmmm...maybe if I turned it into a giant Lego castle... :-)