Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thank You, God, For the Stomach Flu

Silly title?  Not really.  It's funny how when we are working on trying to internalize something, God tends to use something to reinforce the concept until we really, really get it.   As I look back on my last post about focusing on the donut instead of the hole, and not allowing myself to get caught up in all the things our children aren't or never may be, the stomach flu was a perfect tool for God to use.

(As a quick aside, NEVER Google "stomach flu" for images to use on your blog...the things people post will totally gross you out!!)

As I type this, and am beginning to think that maybe I'll make it to see another day (Hahaha!), the kids are out in the dining room working on their school work.  Dominick is off to work today and is going to try and return later, so there is no adult who told them to do it, there is no supervision for them...they are simply doing what they know needs to be done.  That's after having cleaned up the remainder of the groceries that I couldn't manage to get put away after returning home sick from Walmart last night.

Before that?  I was greeted at 9:30 AM with a knock on my bedroom door.  Quietly, in traipse the troops with a tray containing a drink, a single slice of toast, and six saltine crackers accompanied by a note written by Matt saying "Get well soon Mom, from all of us XXXOOO".  They sat at the foot of the bed, sharing about their TaeKwonDo class and Civil Air Patrol from last night, and a few minutes later they all left with Kenny saying "Mama, if you need anything just call us, we're going to go get busy on school.  Just sleep all day if you want to!"

Donut vs Hole

Kind, thoughtful children vs Academic and Athletic Super Stars

Hmmm....not much of a competition on that one, I'll take my crew any day of the week.

My mom and I were chatting on the phone a couple nights ago, and she was sharing how sweet the kids were with her when we were out in California.  Mom has mobility issues (that's a bit of an understatement) but is otherwise very healthy.  She said that even when I wasn't around, the kids all helped her with chairs, opened car doors for her and then waited patiently for her to get in first before racing in themselves, and were generally quite solicitous of her.

Donut vs Hole

How easy it can be to get caught up in the things that our culture says are symbols of excellence, and how easy it can be to overlook the things that really matter!!

So, while I don't really think God sent a lightning bolt down with a nasty stomach bug for me to experience (and most likely the entire family, as Olesya has already had it), I ma recognizing that everything can be used to help us "get it", yes, even the stomach flu.  And as I sit propped up in bed and hear the voices of our children in the next room doing what they do best...working toward adulthood with grace and confidence...I am thanking God for the stomach flu and the chance to be reminded once again of what really counts.

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Anonymous said...

You are amazing--focusing on any part of any food when you have the stomach flu. I mostly focus on porcelain when having the stomach flu.

May you cycle swiftly through it and come out the other side ready to quietly contemplate Advent (as you already doing), anticipating a babe not a saint whose original good works are long buried under modern advertising hype.

Peace and healing to you all,