Friday, December 30, 2011


2012 is almost here, and I wonder what it will hold for us?  No resolutions this year, just a desire to make it through relatively unscathed.  I have a gut feeling it is going to be a very hard year ahead of us, and I am hoping I will be pleasantly surprised.  All we can do is give it our best every day, remain faithful, and see where we are led.  While I will not make any resolutions, I will offer up my wishes for 2012:

1)  That Dominick is busy throughout the year with plenty of work.
2)  I wish that the kids all continue to blossom in both spirit and heart.
3)  That my Mom regain mobility and more independence than she currently has.
4)  I hope that our church family remains strong and gains momentum this year.
5)  That somehow we have a breakthrough with Kenny.
6)  That I would learn to completely stop comparing in any area of my life.
7)  I wish for all our friends a stable, loving and productuve year ahead.

Of course I'd love to lose weight, have more money, do something fabulous in 2012...all the traditional resolutions...but honestly I'd be thrilled to simply make it to 2013 intact!!

We had a little relief on the appliance front, as Dominick was able to repair our oven, and through some odd quirk our phones mysteriously started working again.  The fridge, however, is totally shot, and we decided to purchase a new one a couple of days ago.  It will be delivered next week, so we are starting the year with at least one thing in tip top shape! Haha!

I was so grateful for the Great Appliance Meltdown of 2011 though, because we were the recipients of lots of loving gestures from friends, one of whom was even willing to give us a used stove and fridge out of their own rental home, just to save us.  While we declined because we couldn't let them do that to themselves, we felt as if we had been given a great big hug...and made us feel so cared for.  We just realized we have many years ahead of us with kids home, and the fridge being opened and closed a gazzillion and a half times, so in order to avoid having this happen again in just a few years we had probably better go with new versus used.  We are usually "used" folks, looking for bargains where we can, but there are some things that it just makes sense to get new if you can possibly manage it.  Certain things in our home get tons of wear and tear, and the fridge is one of them.  We will now have a bigger fridge than we currently have, and that will help as well. 

Joshie turned 9 the day after Christmas, but we will be celebrating today with a trip to an indoor playground and New Years Eve with a cake and a gift.  Our sweet boy is so grown up sometimes, it is hard to remember he is only 9 years old!  We all have to stop ourselves sometimes and remind oursleves that he is the baby of the family.  Being around older siblings most of the time, he has taken on their traits and is very responsible, mature, and organized.  Funny how all of us count on him in ways that are surprising, because he is such a stable young man.  Joshie is hard to shop for because he rarely plays with toys much, preferring instead to spend hours in imaginary play as he acts out scenes with characters and pretends he is a super hero or character from Star Wars.  But he loves books, and loves sciency things, and loves his Abraham Lincoln! Hahaha!  We were in Barnes and Noble this week and he asked if he could use some of his Christmas money to buy some biographies, and he bought five of them. 

All the kids will be working with Dominick on weekends this winter, and they are talking about saving up money to start a business together.  I threw out the idea of a button maker, since it is campaign season, and then trying to sell them at various events.  I didn't realize how expensive a simple button maker is, as I researched it later!  They still might do it though.  It would be a great way for them to learn about entrepreneurship.  So 2012 might see them making their first million...hahaha!

May 2012 be a good year for all, for our country, for people all over the world.  May suffering diminish, may kindness explode!


Anonymous said...

Midnight + 1 tomorrow and it is 2012. It is not December 2009. 2012, hard as it may be, will be a continuation of movement--climbing hills, traversing valleys, befriending the trolls guarding the bridges. It may not be easy, but someway, somehow Team LaJoy will prevail--with the help of family, friends, the kindness of strangers, the encompassing strength of love, the enfoldment of God around each and all of you--and of us.

Happy New Year, may you find joy on Pat 2012,

Kelly said...

We would love to have an update on the rental house rehab. I was SO impressed by what your children were able to accomplish - it has inspired me to take on a few more projects around the house vs. always hiring everything out!!

I love reading your blog. You are an awesome writer!