Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Little of Everything

I have nothing all that important to share, just a little of this and that.  My life is not all that fascinating these days, folks, and I know that reading this blog is about as interesting as reading a Lysol can :-)  Sorry, I am quite happy with the mellower pace and low to no drama and hope it continues for quite some time to come.

That new phase we are entering with the kids comes complete with lower voices and "humor" that at moments borders more on obnoxious than it does funny.  Does every 11 year old boy think he is that funny without realizing he is annoying? Hahaha!  I know with 4 kids within a year and a half of each other we are in for it Big Time, with no break at all for several years.  Matthew is on the cusp of so many changes, and although much of what we experience right now with him is mild in comparison to so many others, it is enough to let us know he is 100% normal.  Thankfully, so many other qualities balance it out, and I know that this too shall pass. If I don't kill him first :-)  Hahaha!  Having a kid who shovels snow and practices piano without being asked is a good trade off, and eventually he'll get past the Diary of  Wimpy Kid-style humor stage.

Kenny, on the other hand, has finally taken a baby step towards growing up.  It was so heartening for me, and I hadn't realized just how concerned I was about the lack of maturation thus far.  But this past week he took a little step forward.  I woke up and came out to the kitchen where I found him two days in a row working on his homework all by himself while everyone else still slept.  He looked up at me and said "I thought I'd do what you said and get the stuff I don't like to do out of the way.", then head down he went straight back to work.  You could have knocked me over with a feather!  Maybe...just maybe...this kid'll grow up after all!  I actually had tears in my eyes, silly me.

Joshie seems to have backslid a bit in the emotional area, as the past two nights he has had night terrors again.  Part of the reason I am still awake tonight is that he totally freaked me out waking up instantly while yelling loudly tonight.  Scared all of us and it took me 10 minutes to actually get him truly awake as he sat upright in bed mumbling and trembling.  I had just had a conversation with my mom last night telling her that each year it gets a little better, but here we are again all of a sudden, and I am left wondering when his fears might finally be vanquished once and for all...or if they ever will.  So I am guessing we will have a Bed Buddy again for a couple of weeks.

I am brain dead after a day of intense homeschooling and working on a small project for church.  Both required some stick-to-it-iveness and multi-layered thinking which is good for me.  I have recently found myself feeling a bit depressed, not quite sure but I know some of it is plain old isolation and not getting around adults enough. The kids have each other...and their tween humor...while I don't have much opportunity during the week to socialize with taller, older folks.  I am not Miss Social Butterfly, but I do miss adult conversation and I am finding a need to for something aside from my "day job" to help keep me emotionally balanced.  Not sure what that might be, and choir helps, but I need something else just for "me", and that something needs to add no extra demands on my time.

I had thought about going back to school, but that feels incredibly overwhelming...I don't need homework on top of preparing lessons, grading, laundry, cooking, and picking up 43 spare socks laying around every day.  I need something "fun". Not only that, but we have no money for such things.   The only problem with that is that I am not a "fun" person.  I am basically pretty darned boring when you want to get down to it, and the sorts of things I find fun are things that involve thinking, and that is not all that restful!  I have said over and over again that I wish I had a real hobby of some sort, but I have yet to find a single thing that I am interested enough in to pursue with any zest.  I would take a writing class if I could find one locally that was not a "Grammar 101" sort of class or "How to Self Publish".  I might actually be able to get into learning how to write well!  However, I have resigned myself to the fact that, unlike most women, I am never going to be one of those amazingly talented women who sews, crochets, puts up preserves, arranges flowers, gardens, dances or does any other sort of creative thing.  I also will never get into Bingo, so I guess I'll just sit around the house and complain :-) Hahaha!

But tonight I am sitting in a relatively clean (and now quiet) house.  My family is all under one roof, we had a great day of learning, and the fireplace is warming the room.  What else could I want?

Not much, really, not much at all.

Night all!


Joyce said...

Sewing is a great pick-my-up at least it is for me. In fact Ry is better if I am sewing than on my computer - somehow he knows Im doing something useful :)

Bob; Carrie DeLille said...

I am with you, friend! I am telling you, it's never too late to join a CBS class. You can do it (and all the kids) right in the middle. It's not denominational and all answers come straight from the bible. You and the kids will be blessed as you go through the homework TOGETHER, and LOTS of adult contact (at least one day a week!) Just trust me!

Anonymous said...

Does your church offer a bible study during the week? I always find that a great way to get some adult socialization and brain stimulation.

Anonymous said...

Hoorah for the kids--despite the upheaval of the teen years (and think of the tremendous physical, hormonal, and mental changes going on), I found my teens challenging and rewarding, growing each year toward tall, big people.

My heart goes out to Joshie. You and Dominick have learned so much and given so much. He is a blessed child to have you. I cannot imagine another family for him or what would have happened if he was not a LaJoy.

I have done a good share of the things you mentioned. The joys of canning are overrated. I spent many years peeling pears, slipping skins off tomatoes, putting up pickles only to find that they were eaten with little comment in five minutes. Seeing stacks of green pickles and yellow pears in the dugout storage room did not give me joy.

It's great to be less than the life-of-the-party (although I am sometimes wistful about my lack). There will be a writing class that might meet your needs either this summer or fall semester at Mesa State. I'll let you know. Meantime, can you arrange for Diet Coke visiting time with friends sans kids occasionally or even round your table surrounded by kids if that would nourish you.

And,you and Dominick might want an evening out now and then.

Just suggestions,

Anonymous said...

I know a couple who would love to let the kids "take care of us" (Elder Sitting). Just let us know when you think Dominick can stay awake for an evening out!!!!

Ms Jane

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,

I laughed out loud at, "Does every 11 year old boy think he is that funny without realizing he is annoying?" That describes my 11 year old boy! I'm glad to know that he isn't the only one :)

I read the comment above about CBS. I did a similar bible study for 7 years (BSF) and then CBS for one year. They are excellent classes and a good way to "get a break" and have some time with other women. Our CBS class has a homeschool class as well- the homeschool kids get to go to their own bible study while you go to yours. If yours is similar, it could be a great opportunity for the kids to meet other homeschoolers as well.

melissa in WH

Don, Michelle, Zachary, and Alexander said...

How often does Josh have night terrors? My 11 year old, Zachary, has had them for years (since his adoption at 14 months). They were pretty frequent up until the last year and a half, but he still has them when he is really tired (maybe once every few months). The only thing that wakes Zack up is if we bring him to the bathroom. Strange, but it works for us.

Anonymous said...


What about a book club for you? You seem to enjoy reading so maybe you could find a book club through church, a local book store,or start your own. No matter what, it is difficult to find time for yourself but it is important. I think winter is an especially isolating time. Good luck finding your thing.
~ Maureen

Kim Adams said...