Monday, February 01, 2010

Hanging Around Pics

We have done nothing the past few days but hang around the apartment doing homework, so sorry I don't have any decent photos to share.  Here are a few of our boring little life here, which is coming to an abrupt end tomorrow.  Seems like the past couple of days were "Joshie is Cute" day.  I find I go through stages where I take tons of pics of one kid then another, then another and right now without planning it appears it was Joshie's turn.  However I had to get a pic of Matthew in there as in this sweater for some reason we suddenly saw a teenager in front of us.  The picture doesn't really show it as much as it did in real life.  Man, I hate that they are growing up...why don't we have a "freeze frame" on our kids?  Had a great pic of Kenny but someone walked in front of us and ruined the shot! I'll get more of him in the next few days to post. 

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