Thursday, December 04, 2008

OK Folks, Here's What You Have Been Waiting For!!!

The Peanut Gallery

The First $1000!!! Was it worth it???

The second $1000...

The Bonus!!

Never let it be said that the LaJoy's don't give you your money's worth :-)

And here are the videos so you can experience it as if you were right there with us!

Beware the "girlie" screaming out of the boys! Hahaha!




A special thanks to everyone for contributing to bring Christmas to Kyrgyzstan. John will post photos on his blog after all the events have taken place and Santa arrives. I will try and post a few photos here on our blog as well.

I still can't believe we did it!

Now, off for a shower :-)


Lenore Ryan said...

LOVE to see everyone having so much fun....and for such a great cause!! Putting everyone in the bathtub was a great idea!! TFS!!

Lindsay said...

Your peanut gallery look - and sound - like they had the best time ever!

Congratulations on the fund raising.

Julie and John Wright said...

Just closing my eye's and listening to the JOY , never mind the pies..... Thats what it's all about....

Lori said...


Hilary Marquis said...

So glad that your retreat was so encouraging. Sometimes we just need that little bit of space with a few others in the same place as we are to really be able to see things. By the way, I don't think you're corny at all...a great deal of my Christmas memories revolve around the same music! They are CLASSICS!

Maria said...

Dear dear, I must be a geek too because JUST LAST NIGHT, I was thinking I might go out and get a Carpenters Christmas CD. *sigh* I've left the "serious" comments on this post to others. I'm too tired today to be serious. *smile* I'm happy for you, though. How great is God to provide that peace.