Friday, June 13, 2008

First Camping Trip!

We are off today on our first camping trip of the year! Now that the bedrooms are done and a couple of other cleaning projects are under our belt, we thought we should give it a go. We are heading down to Ouray (or up to, if you consider it is South of us but in the mountains) which is about 45 minutes away and where we will hopefully relax, go to the Hot Springs, explore this very old, very tiny town known as the "Switzerland of America", and eat a menu chosen by the kids...hamburgers one night and chili dogs the next...ummm...welll...I guess it could have been worse :-)

The popup is ready to go, and the light sticks were bought at the Dollar Store, so I guess we are ready to rock! We are camping this weekend, and then next weekend with our church at Ridgway Reservoir, which we are really looking forward to. All the boys have their job with the pop up...they put in the bed supports, push out the beds, place the wheel chocks, and crank it down when it is time to go...Daddy has to crank it up because it is too hard to do. Soon though, I imagine sitting back in my lawn chair issuing directives with a Diet Coke in my hand while our little men do the entire thing...and feeling so grown up while they do! I think that might be fair payback for all the tent camping with infants, don't you? hahahaha!

So, time to shut the computer down and get clothes packed...I'll share photos hopefully when we return!

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Anonymous said...

La Joys - Hope you have a terrific weekend! Sounds delightful - you've earned the break! Love ya'! Joan