Saturday, June 07, 2008

Are You Called?

Adopting a child from an orphanage is a life changing experience for most of us. The "Save the Children" ads on TV become far more meaningful, for you have looked into the eyes of the unwanted, the unloved, the underfed and understimulated. It is no longer some sort of vague knowing, it is something you carry around with you.

There are many ways to remember the children left behind, there are several ways to step up to the plate and do something rather than remain passive observers.

Several families who have adopted from Kazakhstan have done just that...they have decided to become actively engaged in making a difference. An old internet adoption buddy, Cyndi Keilin, contacted me this week to share information about a new organization called "Two Hearts for Hope". They are collecting items to be sent to orphanages in Kazakhstan, and each month they focus on meeting a different month it is school supplies, another hygiene items, etc. These items will then be carried over by other families traveling and will be delivered directly to orphanages. You can check them out at .

Not everyone is called to adopt a child, but there are many other ways to touch the life of an orphaned child.

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