Wednesday, April 16, 2008

At the risk of starting it up again...

At the risk of starting it all up again, I am going to advocate for 2 older Kyrgyz boys who need a loving family. I received permission from Karen at Adoption Alliance to post a little information here on the blog about two little guys, Tilek and Everest. Tilek is 9 years old and has a correctible eye problem. It seems that there was a mix up in his documents and he had actually been legally available for adoption for years but his paperwork was misread and he had been listed as unavailable. He is an adorable little guy and I have Kenny sitting here next to me and he says that Tilek is a really nice boy, that Tilek talked a lot about wanting a family and leaving the orphanage. Kenny thought Tilek tried hard at schoolwork and did pretty well, as he remembers. He also said that Tilek loved to show everyone all the things he could do, "Like someone in the movies!". Kenny just said "I bet he do good in a family like me! He care a lot about people in orphanage who take care of him.".

The other child, Everest, has a real sparkle to him. Sadly, Everest is HIV positive and this severely limits the potential families who would consider adopting him. Everest is 4 years old and at the moment he is very healthy and doing well. My heart really goes out to this particular little boy, as a child who is HIV positive has very little chance of being adopted...and yet you know that somewhere out there has to be a family who is willing to step forward and assume that kind of challenge. Seeing his face smiling back at me in his photo, you can see the hope and bright future he might have if only he ends up in the right circumstances with a family who can provide him with the kind of health care available here in the US and the support he needs to grow into the man he can become. HIV is no longer the death sentance it once was, and there is a chance the Everest can live a productive and relatively healthy life if only given the opportunity.

So...anyone out there willing to even consider either of these beautiful boys? Anyone who perhaps has a wider vision of the child they might bring home and can see the possibilities? You can see Everest at and his child ID number is adoptall114, and Tilek is also listed and his ID is adoptall115. Sad to think that perhaps Tilek could have had a family when he was in his "prime" adoption ages if only someone had not misread his paperwork, and now he is much older and odds are very slim someone will want a 9 year old boy, regardless of his eye problem. I can say thought that I know of 3 nine year old Kyrgyz boys from this exact background who have slipped beautifully into the fabric of their families lives and are doing very, very well...if that offers any encouragement to someone who might be hearing a small voice about checking into this further.

If interested, please contact Karen at Adoption Allliance in Denver...their link is on the side of this blog.


Hilary Marquis said...

Start it up, fire away! I think it is great that you're advocating for these special little guys. I'll keep them in mind while I'm running MY mouth about "my girls" waiting in Kyrg :)

Tapsalteerie said...

Perhaps you misunderstood... my beef was simply in belittling some parents choice to wait for girls... after all I myself adopted not one but two Kyrgyz boys. One of which was considered older at 4. I know the merits of Kyrgyz boys... and girls.

Advocate away dear heart! I hope you are able to stir interest in these boys as all children deserve a family to love them.

LaJoy Family said...

Thank you Hillary and particularly you, Shea. Odds are slim, I know, but maybe...just maybe...if enough of us speak positively about the merits of these older boys someone might just think "Hey, I never thought of that...maybe we COULD adopt an older child or a special needs child.". I would love nothing more than to see these two special little boys find the love of a family that every child over there deserves. It's just that some of those children will have an easier time of finding those families than others.

The Rakoczy Family said...

I just found your blog and wanted to let you know, I have been praying if Tilek is our next son! He is such a doll! Prays are needed for a very reluctant husband though. We have five children and our youngest just came home last year. I know the Lord will open doors if Tilek is meant to be ours!

Blessings-Shannon in CA

LaJoy Family said...

Glad you found us~!! If Tilek is indeed yours, God will make it apparent and your husband will be wholeheartedly for it. If not, then surely there is another family out there who can embrace him as well as a family for Everest. I join you in prayer for both of these precious little boys, who will delight their future families if only they have the courage to move forward into the unknown.

Thanks for the comment, and blessings your way!