Friday, August 22, 2014

Olesya is 15!!

When you've been cheated of years less than most parents have with their children, it becomes ever more precious. As they grow older, each birthday is tinged with a sweetness that only parents and children who have been denied making memories together can truly understand and appreciate.  Olesya's birthday was this past week, and she turned 15 years old.  We have only had the privilege of celebrating five of those birthdays with her.  We have no first bite of birthday cake photos, no 1, 2 or 3 year old cards saved.

But what we have is here and now, and it is a gift to each of us.  We had no big party, just dinner and a cake together:

Matthew insisted on baking Olesya's cake, and Angie patiently customized it with decorations.  We rarely call Olesya by her name, and she has a couple of nicknames that we most commonly use.  The kids call her Ole' and I tend to call her Lessie, so Angela put Ole (as in Olay) on the cake for her name.
It is hard to believe she is 15, and she admits she doesn't feel 15 but more like 13 or so.  That is probably a pretty accurate assessment of where she is, developmentally and emotionally, and as she says, she is in no hurry to grow up!  I love watching her and Angela savor what remains of their childhood.

Best Buddies!

The Gang

Olesya is in love with some Bollywood hunks, so Angela bought her a poster of some cuties!

Kenny isn't so sure about Bollywood...Haha!
These two regularly crack us up!  Our gift to Olesya was new boots, she has wanted them for ages.  Josh decided to model them with her!

An incredibly tender moment for us all to witness was when Matthew and Joshua presented Olesya with their gift to her.  She was shocked and they just couldn't wait for her to open it.  They both were with me one afternoon and said they wanted to get her something special this year, just because.  They selected a very beautiful bracelet, and I know she felt a bit  like a treasured princess because of their thoughtfulness.

So pretty!

The biggest gift of all, siblings who truly care for one another.

Kenny got in on it by helping her put it on.  
Angela watched and later said to me, "Mom, we have such nice brothers.  Olesya and I are very lucky we ended up in this family.  We could have had brothers who were mean, or just didn't care about us.  I think we will always be friends and be close."  I hope so, Angie, and I am glad the boys have you, too!

Joshie is digging Olesya's pink bag...he is such a goof!

What a sweet evening it was.  Nothing exciting, no major expensive gifts, just time spent together enjoying what a family is all about.  Olesya, you are the kindest young lady I have ever met.  You are beginning to gain more confidence in yourself, and are very slowly seeing your own worth.  Team LaJoy needs your creative spirit, your tender soul.  May your 15th year be as wonderful as you are!!  We love you dearly.

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Happy Birthday Olesya!
Many blessings!
Teresa F