Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Sweet Gifts

We had a couple of very special wonderful surprises today....extreme acts of kindness that were little moments of the divine presence right here.

This afternoon we got a call about a MacBook that someone wanted to share with us...pre-loaded with the kinds of software that Angela would need for more graphic arts work.  Did we want it?  Oh my, YES!!!  I didn't realize it until Angela was talking as she looked over the laptop, but for her Graphic Arts class we had downloaded a 30 day trial version of the software to use because there was no way we could afford the complete version as well as the cost of the class, so her teacher suggested we handle it that way.  Guess what?  Tomorrow that 30 day trial period ends, and Angela would have to give up working with the software until someday we might be able to afford to purchase it. It was literally as if God was watching and saying, "Hmmm...that girl is going somewhere with this, I better take care of that whole software issue."  The generosity of others who have given so much to our family time and time again continues to blow me away, to humble me, and to cause my prayers of gratitude to be ever-more lengthy.

There was additional excitement as a long awaited package arrived with treats brought all the way from Kazakhstan.  Victoria with J127 Ranch in Taraz, Kazakhstan offered to bring home a few things for the kids, so they created a little list of much beloved snacks and candies they missed.  For weeks I have been asked, "Do you know when our box might come?", and tonight, it finally arrived!  There was so much laughter and grinning going on as the packing tape was sliced open, and little bags revealed all the long ago tastes of home.  Beautifully wrapped candies, odd and unusual flavors of crunchy treats, Halvah and chocolate, along with a few other little items like stickers and a VERY cool statue!  This was the highlight of the month!


Kenny looks hungry.  Kenny always looks hungry!

This is a statue of the famous golden warrior.  Josh is saying at this moment,
 "I'd like to thank the Academy..."

Yes.  You read that correctly.  Red caviar wheat croutons, alongside bacon flavored ones. 
 Both were a huge hit.

So much delight!  Funny, the science book that came in this afternoon didn't garner quite this much attention.

There is so much kindness in the world.  We often fail to see it, to share it, to celebrate it.  I don't know why we fail to do so.  Are we really more fascinated with evil versus good?  If one watches our evening news or reads online, you'd think the world is a dark, dark place.  The light is everywhere, if only you look for it and recognize it!  I get tired of the contention, the intentional focus on how we humans hurt one another.  I am so worn out from partisan politics, demonizing anyone who believes differently than someone else, and the name of Hitler being invoked over and over again to insult someone.  Trust me, no one being called another Hitler right now is really another Hitler.  He was so heinous no one could hold a candle to him.  Well, Putin might eventually prove that to be wrong, and Kim Jong Un is certainly no patsy, but let's face it, there are very few for whom that sort of hyperbolic rhetoric is well suited.

Some days it is harder than others to find the Holy.  Some days it feels as if it would be easier to join the ranks of those who mistake snarkiness for true wit.  Some days it is very difficult to dredge up another go at a world that seems dead set on being unkind, cold, mean spirited, and disconnected.  It is on those very days though that we must try the hardest...we must work diligently to model kind speech, acceptance of those with ideas different from our own, and ways of being in relationship with one another that are as healthy as possible...that banish darkness and allow light to shine. Sometimes it is really hard work. It is worth it, though.


Jenny Ro said...

Is she using the Adobe suite of programs? Do you know which ones specifically? I might have some books to send. (I'm a new reader, btw)

Cindy LaJoy said...

Yes Jenny, she is beginning to learn Adobe programs...very baby steps but she is totally in love with it! Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop is being introduced the next couple of weeks.

And welcome as a new reader! Glad to "meet" you! :-)