Monday, February 24, 2014

OK 2014, Let's Get It Together

2014 was supposed to be a fresh start, a new beginning.  This far, it has been a less than stellar...though not overly awful...first quarter.

We were so excited to qualify for lower premiums for medical care for the kids, but it seems Dominick and I will be eating up any savings we realized.  Doesn't it just figure?  That's the way it works, I guess ::sigh::

So far in 2014 we have one ER visit for Dominick to be on an IV antibiotic for a sudden case of cellulitis that invaded his face.  We have yet to receive the bill for that one.  While still healing from that episode, he ended up at the dentist and is anticipating a tooth removal and implant with work beginning on Thursday.  We older folks all know how costly that one is.  I have been laid low with a tiny cold that turned immediately into a sinus infection, as seems to be customary for me, and I am still trying to turn the corner on that one.  This is after heading to Grand Junction a couple of weeks ago to get serious about treating my ongoing asthma and allergy issues (hence the quick sinus infections).

I am also soon to begin a new form of immunotherapy, called sublingual immunotherapy, for the allergies which is proving more costly that we had anticipated, because I am allergic to too many things and they have to create a serum that can't be contained in one, of course, lucky me gets to spend twice as much as anyone else on it (He told me I was lucky it didn't have to be three bottles, as it was close!).  The upside is that instead of multiple injections each week, it is drops under the tongue.  I will be only the third person in Western Colorado testing this for custom mixed serum.  It is new, and we only have one allergist on the Western Slope, so I was fortunate he was beginning trials on it.  With any luck, a year from now and I will be in much better shape with this recurring asthma/allergy issue.  It would be nice to walk into someone's home and not have to be embarrassed by immediately having to hit my inhaler. It would be super nice not to have a mild cold turn into a bronchial nightmare each and every time I contract one.

We are off to a running start for 2014, don't you think? Hahaha!

It's all good though, and we remind ourselves daily how blessed we are.  Right now, we have a couple of friends being treated for cancer, and another friend's daughter in a serious coma after brain surgery due to being thrown from a horse she was riding.  All in all, it makes our petty little issues seem like nothing but mere annoyances.

I have missed blogging, and am going to try and be more diligent about getting back to they keyboard.  Our minds have been occupied and a little overwhelmed by a variety of things, and I realized that writing is more like therapy that you all get stuck reading!  It helps though to get it out, type it up, and then walk away from it...sort of a purging of the soul.  I am making myself a promise to try to return here more often each week as I used to, I think it was helpful in ways I might not have understood.

I will be spending the evening doing something I rarely do.  I will Netflix binge, get to bed early (I hope), and perhaps wake up tomorrow feeling far more like my usual self.  It's over a week now, and I really need to get back to the Land of the Living and accomplish something!

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