Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Day of Christmas Craft Fails!

Today was one of those days where everything minor (thankfully) went wrong.  We had a great idea for a small little Christmas craft to make for a gift for some of our friends.  It would have been SO cool.  Would have been is the key there.  It was quickly apparent that it was going to be a complete bust, despite the beautiful images of said craft on Pinterest.

Do people seriously ever make things look like they do on Pinterest?

So, we regrouped and are trying again with a somewhat less ambitious idea.  Well, any craft idea I would attempt is less ambitious than most might try.  At least it is the thought that counts, right?

Yea, keep telling yourself that, Cindy.

Regardless, it was a sweet day for no real reason at all.  Snow on the ground outside while the sun shone bright, Christmas carols of all varieties being played while Matt and Olesya teamed up to bake cookies together, Kenny corrected another major "Fail" on our large wooden candy canes that are still not mounted outside yet, and Angela and I worked on our Craft from He--.  Josh was on the trampoline, shoveling 8" of snow off of it.  Nothing major to share or talk about, just calm, peace, soft off key singing and gentle teasing here and there.

Josh and I had a little date this morning.  While Dominick has begun working at the airport for ski season and will be MIA much of the winter, as usual, the big kids slept in and so we took advantage and sneaked out for a little treat for breakfast at our local corner bakery.  We sat there, our youngest and I, just chatting like old friends.  Josh said, "Mommy we haven't done this in years!  Remember back when it was just Matt and me, and after you dropped him off at school you'd take me for a treat sometimes?"  I said that yes, I remembered, and had so enjoyed those special times alone together.  Then I asked him, "Do you sometimes wish it was back then, when it was just you and Matthew?".  He quickly responded, "No way, Mommy.  The house was too quiet back then.   I might miss time alone with you sometimes, but what would have happened to my sisters and Kenny if we hadn't got them?  No, I think our family is just the way it is supposed to be right now."  He then added, "But we could still sneak out once in a while, just the two of us.  But we have to do it a lot now, before I turn into a real teenager and want to sleep in late all the time, too."  I burst out laughing over that one.

We ended the evening with a Girls Night In at a friend's house, where we shared a meal, shared some laughter, and even shared in singing  a line or two from the rebroadcast of The Sound of Music.  As we got ready to leave, one of the girls noted that there on our friend's bookshelf was a framed photo of our family...the one from Thanksgiving that I posted on the blog.  Is there anything that will make you feel more loved than to know someone went out of their way to put your photo where they can see it often?  There are a couple of folks in town who have pics of our family up, just as if we were tied by blood.  It is a special thing to be cared for by anyone who adopts you as their own.

Hoping tonight will bring a quick and deep slumber, its been a few nights without one!  Now I will probably be forced to relive nightmares of how my Inner Martha Stewart totally failed me this day! Hahaha!


Writer200 said...

The craft may not turn out perfectly, but make it yours! I have pots from my art class that got dropped before they were fired, so it's veeeery lopsided (the pot actually looks like a saucer).
Then, try again, a lot of times practice makes perfect.
The memories will bring you joy, even if you want to kick the craft to the moon!

Joyce said...

Look up Pinterest failures - great for a laugh. Just so you dont feel too alone :)