Saturday, July 13, 2013

Why She Stayed. Why I Stay. Why We All Should Stay.

What is family?  Is it a legal entity recognized by a government? Is it relationship ordained by God and recognized by a church?

Or is it hearts connecting by choice?

I have read about a wide diversity of  families, and I live in a family which was created uniquely.  I have never, ever seen a family like the one whose story is shared in the video below.  Please, please take the time to watch this.  I know it is 21 minutes long.  I know you may not have time at the moment, but bookmark it and come back to view it.  It is the single most touching story of an unconventional family that I have ever heard...and it will be impossible for you to watch this and not shed a tear or two.  Click on this link, but then don't neglect to read the accompanying story as well.  The last few lines will kill you.:

Why I Stayed

How many producers would have gotten their story and walked away?  How many would have said "no" to God's call?  How many would have refused to get involved?

I tell you, Love Wins.  Every Time, as long as we say "yes".

Would love to hear your comments.


Ali said...

Beautiful, thank you for sharing. I just forwarded it on to my principal and hope she can find a way for our students to see it.

Dawn said...

Beautiful. Wow. Just wow.