Tuesday, March 05, 2013

She's Here!

Today was just a wonderful, wonderful day.  Not only did I have a few hours of quiet as Dominick took all the kids sledding, but my new friend arrived!  Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I just can't believe it!  She is so pretty I almost didn't want to touch her.  

We received a call from the transit company that they were going to deliver it tomorrow.  Instead of waiting, Dominick and I hopped in the van this afternoon and drove into town to pick it up.  The kids all hovered 'round as we opened the box and lifted out the case with the harp in it.  I just couldn't believe how beautiful it was, and could hardly wait to get my hands on it.  10 minutes later I was quickly learning how to use the automatic tuner, then Matthew and Dominick helped me get it tuned up...which lasted about 10 minutes for the lower strings as they begin the process of stretching and settling in.  Olesya made dinner for us so I could spend an hour just playing around.  As I sit typing this, my new best friend is sitting 2 feet away from me.

This is a super special treat, and I am still surprised I went through with it.  Four months...I have four months to work with it during the rental period to see if there is any possibility that I might be able to teach myself how to play, and then if it proves possible, I need to figure out how to buy it.  I can't help but grin as I sit here thinking of a recent conversation with encouraging friends who, upon learning this was a limited rental situation for me, offered to each take turns renting it in their names so I could keep working with it.  Now that's friendship!

I see how the kids are able to learn new things, biting off tiny chunks at a time, and they actually sort of inspired me to think it is possible to do this.  As Kenny threw out at me as I was going back and forth over the decision, "Mom, you have already had to learn so many things about teaching us with homeschooling, why do you think you can't teach yourself to play the harp?"  That's my Kenny, ever the optimist and cheerleader :-)

So, I am off on a new adventure of learning.  It may seem odd to some (because I actually do recognize just how strange I really am), but I tend to sink a little into depression if I am not learning something new or have a challenge in before me.  Yea, like my whole life right now isn't somewhat of a challenge, but it's not the same thing. So why not learn the harp! Haha!

I'll post a video eventually, maybe after I have "Mary Had a Little Lamb" down pat, or perhaps "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".  

And I still have to come up with a name for her, a totally COOL name!


Anonymous said...

I suppose "Harper" might be a little too corny. What a great role model for your kids, as if you weren't already. I admmire your courage to try to tackle this new skill. My sister took some harp lessons. Can't remember what became of that, but she's a busy gal and was also in their bell choir, so I don't think it lasted long for her. I just happened to turn on public television the other night to catch a program on the first black woman harpist (is that the term) for the Boston Philharmonic. It was very interesting! I'll try to find her name and info on our public TV site and send that to you. When you have time...or it could be a homeschool lesson! She is quite the amazing woman.
Nancy in the Midwest

Anonymous said...

I think this must be it...
"Anne Hobson Pilot and the Sound of Change" on Iowa Public Television. She was the first black female principal player in a major symphony orchestra, it says in the schedule blurb. There may be multiple episodes. I really enjoyed the one I watched. Not sure how to watch past episodes, so you'll have to do some investigating. It might be inspiring, though I know you aren't gearing up for the philharmonic! When you have time....
Nancy in the Midwest

The Gobble's (Lanetta) said...

Very excited for you!!! :) Can't wait to see/hear the video! Hugs - Cindy... SO proud of you for doing this for yourself!

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous, like the rest of the LaJoys,and will make joyful sounds. As for a name: goddesses of music: Melody, Suraswati, Minerva, Benzeten, Canola, Terpsichore (muse of dance, holds a lyre, daughter of Zeus), Euterpe (muse of song and elegaic poetry, holds a aulos [a flute-like instrument], daughter of Zeus). Or you may want to name her after Henriette Renie the first prominent female harpist to tour the world playing.

On the other hand, she may deserve a name all of her own that you come up with on your own. By whatever name, I can hardly wait to meet her. If she were human, I would offer to bake cinnamon rolls as an excuse to come and meet her or buy her a six-pack of diet Coke. Would any of those work to get me a peek?

Waiting for the key to an introduction,

Anonymous said...

Cordelia...has a nice ring to it..ha! Hope you're having time to get to know her.
Nancy in the Midwest...getting your Colorado snow storm!

Anonymous said...

What a joy to see a harp in your home!

Reminder -- Blevin Harps are not too far away from you, might be worth a visit...