Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Middle Class Conundrum

I read this essay today on Huffington Post, and rarely do I find something worth linking here, but this touched me deeply, and if you read it carefully, you'll see Jesus somewhere right smack in the middle of it:

It's about anger at the inequality in our world, but it is also about meeting people where they are with the innocence of childhood.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for recommending this article. I followed up by reading the article on the best 31 places to be a mother. It was like reading the first article on a global scale. There was the stark contrast between "first world" countries and the countries where life expectancy is short, education for girls is short or none at all, representation in government is restricted to men, and women can expect to lose at least one child before they reach the age of five.

Each of us cannot save the world (although, when I graduated from college I saw myself saving a ghetto until I moved to a town of 600), but we can reach out to one, give of time, energy, and money to help someone or some cause somewhere, and for you mothers and fathers raising children, especially adopted, you are giving each day to see that your children grow up to be strong, compassionate, loving, and giving.

May your dreams for your children come to fruition, even if they come with surprises.


Ohiomom2121 said...

I thought the comments were the most thought provoking part of the article. They pointed out the author's inability to think about making any changes in her own life as a result of this moving interaction. Jesus was there, but I am not sure the author heard him more than a whisper. Maybe the comments will finalize her self-realization in this area. Although, the child may not have been in harm's way, as much as so many orphans are. But, it's the same inability to see any need to help that drives the rifts in our world.

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