Saturday, January 28, 2012

What's Up?

The blog has been quieter this week than it has been in a long time!  Sorry, folks, I've been busy and had a lot going on behind the scenes that needed attending to.  Let me catch you up a bit, with a longer post to follow in the next day or two...but my Mom needs to be caught up! Hi Mom! Hahaha!

Asthma - I have been in and out of the MD a couple times over the past two weeks for the worsening asthma problem.  It now feels a little under control for the first time since, well, maybe September.  Still not quite 100%, but continued steroids and Advair have helped considerably, and now I just need to catch up on rest.  Easier said than done, but I'm working on it :-)

Fridge - How do I love thee, let me count the ways!  Oh, how our new fridge has become a beloved member of our family.  It is a dream to not have exploding sodas, frozen produce, and a constant waterfall.  It holds far more than our old one did, which also is a big help.  It; just a glorious piece of fine kitchen appliance, and I am very, very grateful to have it.

Kenny - Oh, that's a longer post that I'll try to get to tomorrow

School - We are moving along nicely, I won't bore you with details as we have no interesting projects on tap at the moment, and I am 100% certain you could care less about what page we are on in our grammar workbooks, or who finished what chapter in math!  While I do NOT live and die by state testing, we have CSAP's (Colorado's state tests) coming up in March, so I thought it might be wise to knuckle down and do a little more of our core subjects to see if we can show some growth on the tests this year.  I have no idea how they will look, and Joshua will be taking them for the first time.  Of course, it is quite laughable to me that results don't come in until next September, but we'll play the game to the best of our ability.  It certainly won't hurt, and it helps the kids get used to taking such tests although none of them have a problem with test taking or anxiety.  I do have a couple of projects up my sleeve to work on once we get past March, but none quite as big as our house project :-)

Work - Dominick is busy, but not busy enough!  The combination of not enough snow, the economy, and some structural changes at the airport have created a perfect storm for a slower ski season in the Sandwich arena.  Hanging on the best we can, knowing all will be OK somehow, but recognizing it is going to continue to be a tough year all the way around.  Isn't it for everyone though?  Somehow, there is food on the table each night, and we still have a roof over our heads.  Now, please just don;t ask me how many of the kids are wearing pants that they have obviously outgrown :-) Hahaha!

Elvis - Has totally not left the building, as Angela's obsession grows.  Oh well, it could be far worse, I could be stuck with Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez.  Oh yea, I forgot...I AM stuck with Selena Gomez with Olesya! :-)

Life - Is good.  It really is.  It may not be exciting, it may have little to report that is of interest, and surely to most folks it is downright dull.  But it is happy, peaceful, and filled to the brim with learning, growing and loving.  Can't get much better than that, no matter what else is going on around us.

That's it!  See?  I said it would be a quick update...nothing interesting, and my head just hasn't been in the right place to record or interpret certain things well.  There are weeks like that, this was one of them, and I think all the meds I am on are messing with me as I feel sort of "fuzzy".  This too shall pass.


Dee said...

Glad to see you posting! I have been concerned about you. Asthma is no fun. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Glad to know there is a bit of positive change on the asthma front.

Please quit apologizing for "boring" or "non-exciting" posts. If we thought they were boring, we would quit reading and start watching TV soap operas.

Wonder if we could find an Elvis impersonator for Angela's next birthday party or a Selena for Olesya.

Just thinking,