Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pictures of Work in Progress!

As promised here are some photos of the past couple of days.  The kids look grubby, but it is hard earned grub! Hahaha!

What a mess!  That's OK, it'll get worse before it gets better :-)

Kenny and Angela scraping the floor

Of course our 6th child had to come along, although she looks a little confused by all the activity.

Olesya getting instruction from Dad.

I didn't realize just how tall Angela was until I saw this picture!  Where are my babies?  Oh yea, we never HAD Angela as a baby.  Sometimes I forget that, it seems as if all the kids have been with us forever.

Taking a much deserved break while Kenny is out taking his turn pressure washing.

The last room to rip carpet out of.

What kids wouldn't love the demolition phase??

My 6 kids! Hahaha!

Using cutters to split carpet into smaller pieces...yes, I held my breath as they used them, but you have to let go eventually and no one got hurt despite using them for 2 days!

Dad is a slave driver.

School is in session even in the midst of remodeling.

Every once in awhile, with each one of the kids, I catch a glimpse of them and think theya re just the most beautiful children ever to walk the face of the earth.  Love those eyelashes of Josh's!

The girls wanted to do their math lessons amidst the rolled up carpet and padding, and of course Sunny had to be right in the middle of it.

Love how someone dug out a little canal in the ceiling drywall to bury a cable in, it was FUN to rip it all out!

Macho Men

Safety goggles, remembering to wear them is not always easy.

Taking a break...

Our own Guitar Hero!

Dad is giving a plumbing lesson.

One dump truck load of gravel, quickly being handled!

Matthew's going to attack the platform

Looking like a pro with the drill!

Kenny and Joshie replaced two bathroom faucets all by themselves after Dad instructed!  Oh yea, and tightened :-)

Beginning to stain the fence, more stain ended up on them than the fence!

This is serious...and!
We'll keep taking more pictures to document the progress as we move along.  We have a couple days ahead where we are booked and won't get as much accomplished as we'd like to, but we'll make up for it.


Joyce said...

Great photos - but my favourite is the one of Kenny playing the guitar. Love his expression!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please tell Kenny and Josh that someday I would
like them to teach me how to replace a faucet --
I never learned. They are fortunate to learn
these skills now.

All the best, and Happy Remodeling

Peggy in Virginia

Anonymous said...

You can see the sense of accomplishment and growth. I wish I had pictures of my kids mending fence, weeding sugar beets, moving sheep. Somehow I don't think they would have had those satisfied looks on their faces, but maybe my memory is fading. What a remarkable family is Team LaJoy.