Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Day!

As I travelled less than a mile from my home on the road heading to town, this is the view I had given to me as a gift today.  Sometimes I find myself falling into the trap of being less than attentive to the stunning landscapes that we are literally surrounded by.  The openness, the beauty, all of it creates a spaciousness in my heart and soul that I never once had living in California.  I know there are trade offs...we have no mall, we have no culture, we have no list of activities every weekend.  Yet somehow we have carved out a life here that needs none of that, so we feel we are lacking not a single thing.

Can you believe all that snow already?  Mid-September, and our mountains are thickly blanketed.  Storms the past few days have brought rain and rain puddles, and snow in the high country which is going to taunt us from afar.  I love this place more than I could ever put into words.

This evening I was standing in the driveway with fellow blog reader, Lael, as we chatted after she dropped Olesya off after spending the entire day with her at the sheepdog trials that were held 2 hours away.  There we stood, as the sun slowly began its descent creating a magnificent glow through the rainclouds.  Birds flocked by the hundreds overhead as they lifted and landed over and over again in the bulbous globe willows of our neighbors.  It was a sight to behold and I couldn't have witnessed it with a more appropriate friend.

Tonight I am FILLED with anticipation about so much!  Tomorrow I leave with one of my few techie oriented friends for a 3 day seminar sponsored by our church conference on social networking/community building/web site development at our kids camp, La Foret.  This is so totally up my alley and something I am completely interested in.  I mean, honestly, what could be better than a 3 day retreat at one of the most spiritually connected places in Colorado where they insist you bring along your computer and digital camera!  I know, Geek Patrol on the loose, but I am terribly excited about meeting new folks and hopefully learning a lot.  I hadn't even realized how much I was looking forward to it until today as I began to pack.  What a special treat this will be!

Yea, go on and laugh at me...I can take it.  Hahaha!

So as life continues to happen all around us, as usual, we are knee deep in the middle of it.  Big week ahead aside from my little get away, as when I return Matthew gets his back brace and orthotics, the kids have their 2nd volleyball game, and we get to see friends from Salt Lake City next weekend.  My dear buddy is starting a cool new business which is launching tomorrow and I hope to have good news from her about great success this weekend.  I also have a stack of cool books waiting for me to have time to read them all, we are also waiting for special news from John Wright about a little project Kenny and Angela are involved in, and much, much more. 

Some days you wake up and your heart just sings, thankful to be alive, and crying out "Oh what a beautiful day!"

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Anonymous said...

I beg your pardon--no culture? No professional culture, maybe but there is culture. There is, of course, the culture of those who love the beauty and opportunity of the area, to hike, fish, ski, hunt, picnic, enjoy (walk four miles around a block and play in puddles). There is the culture of those who are growing the area, bringing in new sculptures for downtown just as they try to nurture current and future business. Then there is the local amateur theatre, orchestra, community band, and the auditorium that features traveling entertainment and music. Then in nearby towns there are music festivals all summer long and a resident chamber orchestra.

Of course, the local culture I enjoy most is one that teaches me love and patience and compassion and reaching out to others. It centers in Hillcrest United Church of Christ, then ripples out through families and singles in the church (including Team LaJoy), and on into the community and beyond.

No culture? There is culture here just as surely as their are flocks of birds whirling in the sky and settling in the globe willow, only to rise and whirl away again.

Thanks for sharing it with me,