Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I was smiling with delight at this video that Lael, your fellow blog commenter and my terrific friend, posted on Facebook.  You have to check this out!  I do NOT claim to be the Grammar Queen and as you all can tell from my many errors on this blog (some are due to a simple lack of proof reading, others are due to a simple mind!), I would be the last person to actually correct someone.  However, it has been hilarious to read some of the "new words" created by the girls in their writing when they are attempting to write English in our slurred way of saying it.  This video reminded me of that.

And by the way, my one big bugaboo is saying "ecscape" instead of "escape",   But then Angela keeps writing "fo" in lieu of "for", so what does that say about MY pronounciation???

Check it out:


Dee said...

Lo love this guy! I looked up all his videos on YouTube. Soooo funny - and so true...

Anonymous said...

Yaah, I bane lucky dat I grew up in Minniesota and learned to talk Midvestern.

Yeh, now I live in Colorado. Fir awhile I talked with a Svedish accent, now I jist speak like the folks that live in Buennie and Pee-eb-lo.

Here's a test. Can you pronounce Saguache, Ouray, Tabeguache, or Telluride?

Okay, what place in your fair state might I have difficulty pronouncing?


Lori said...

Love it!!!!!! My stomach hurts from laughing!

Kikilia said...

Oh I loved this video! This guy is great!