Sunday, September 28, 2008

The LaJoy Boys Choir!!

The boys are totally hooked on a song from Mandisa's album, which has been the main attraction in the car recently. Our family sings the shower, while washing dishes, while playing Legos, in the car. Now, don't get me wrong here, because we do not sing well, we just sing. We were all dancing around and singing tonight while cleaning up for dinner, and the boys were so funny I thought it might be cool to try and catch them on the web cam built in to my laptop. It was so cute because earlier Kenny grabbed a photo we have of the girls and started singing to their picture, then all 3 boys were seranading them from afar. Of course once I pulled out the video cam the boys were far busier watching themselves on the screen than dancing or singing, and Joshie looks like a cardboard cutout standing there.

The song, quite fittingly is titled "Only You" and part of the lyrics are:

Only You,
You satisfy,
Only You are the love of my life.
If I got everything I want, no, it still wouldn't do
I got a whole lotta' nothing if I don't got You!

Now I know this song is about the Lord, but the lyrics also sort of fit our family as well. So here you have it...they don't hold a candle to the Vienna Boys Choir and I pity our poor Choir Director if she ever wants to have a children's choir Sunday...maybe they could sit back and pantomime or do sign language or something...hahahaha!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

They are so cute singing their praises!

Anonymous said...

That was sooo cute! Thanks for sharing!