Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Summer's Over!

Tomorrow is the first day of school here for the boys, and it is bittersweet for me. I love having them home and doing things together, having that more relaxed schedule that is part and parcel of lazy summer days. We went by the school again yesterday and Kenny and Matthew both got to meet their new teachers. We were mainly going for Kenny but Matt's happened to be in the hall way and we were introduced. Just as we were going to turn into Kenny's classroom Mrs. S, his teacher came out of the room across the hall and I said to Kenny "Kere she is!" and boy, did we get a "deer caught in the headlights" look. He quickly warmed to her though, and wandered around his new classroom looking at all the books, seeing his new desk, etc. while she and I visited for a few minutes. I think he will do fine tomorrow, but as she and I discussed he needs reassurance that I am around and he is not going to be left there for good. After all, unlike her other student who may get a bit weepy at leaving mom the first day, he has every reason to be hesitant to let me out of his sight! So I will stick around for awhile in the background, helping her as she takes photos of each child the first day, and then will hopefully slip out quietly to return later in the afternoon. We are so lucky to have such an undertsanding and warm teacher to work with!

After a trip to the barber shop today for fresh school haircuts, the boys are spread out in the TV room watching afternoon cartoons and making a mess building a castle. Matthew asked if we could just lay around this last day before "my life gets kind of hectic"! I laughed and asked him what he thought this summer was, as it was not exactly a calm and serene 3 months for us! He said "It was fun, but now I have to go back to work.".

I am sure Kenny will do just fine overall in school. He is a bright boy with a real desire to learn.

So tell me, why does it feel like I am leading a lamb to the slaughter? Hahahaha!

Stay tuned for tomorrow :-)

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pearly1979 said...

I have that same feeling as my two, Paul and Rya, will be starting September 5th. They have been home since January but we home schooled the rest of last year to give them time to adjust. SO this will be there first real school here at home. The leading lambs to the slaughter expression hit home. It does feel that way. I just know they have no idea what they are in for and I just hope I don't really have a grasp on just how much they want it (so despite the hard things they will love it)and how much fun they will have (elementary school is fun right?) I hope I'm worrying for nothing! :)