Sunday, July 22, 2007

California Here I Come!

Well I am going to try and post again and see if this makes it and remains on the blog. We are back a few hours from a terrific time camping with several of our church families and will be off to California in the morning to see Grandmas and Aunties and Cousins and Uncle! I am frantically washing up last minute clothes that our adopted Auntie sent the boys that they fell in love with when we opened the box this afternoon and insisted on taking. I never knew I had such clothes horses...I don't have girls for a reason but seems they are turning into it for sure! A couple of totally cool surfer type shirts make Matthew look like a Hawaiian dude for sure :-)

Anyway, camping was awesome...Kenny caught his first fish and the sheer delight on his face was worth the entire trip! I stepped out of the box a bit and due to adult peer pressure jumped off the pontoon boat into the lake with all my clothes on!!! It was a riot and we had so much fun, even if it did rain much of the time. I did not take any pictures because I didn't feel like hauling the camera around int eh rain much of the time, but a friend got pics of the first fish so I'll post them when we get them emailed to us. Never to fear though, the camera will go everywhere in California!

So we're off...and we'll post soon!

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Shea said...

A whole week and no LaJoy post... it's depressing :) How's California??