Monday, September 12, 2016

My First Post

Here is a link to my first post on our new blog, Uncommon Noggin, which is the shared blog for Kenny and I where we will discuss FASD.  Kenny will probably be posting about twice a week as time and brain function allow :-)  I will be posting there about once a week, and will link here as well, though I will continue to blog here, too about the same old family junk I always write about! Haha!  I know I have yet to get back to true blogging form, but the first couple of weeks of school have been about getting into routine and Mom getting caught up!  Will be writing far more often in the weeks to come...aren't you just SO excited about that? (she asks with her voice dripping with sarcasm, knowing no one is breathlessly anticipating my next blog...hahaha!)

Getting Kenny's blog up was first and foremost on my heart, as he has needed a place to share things right now, and maybe, just maybe, it will help someone else understand their own child a little bit better.

So, for now, here is my blog over there:

Talk to you all more in depth soon!

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